Best Things to do in Barcelona Spain

Barcelona is the most prominent city for everyone. It is a city that flawlessly melds the medievally older with the current majority spectacle. Suppose you want to visit Barcelona and looking for the best places to do different things. You would find performing arts spaces, museums, fine art, iconic parks, or many others. The best time to visit Spain is the early Autumn months like September and October. This article will help you find the most prominent places to do many activities with great fun or enjoyment. There are many fun things to do in Barcelona. Also, you can visit Free Barcelona tours to find the most popular tours of the city. Here are the best things to do in Barcelona.

La Boqueria

La Boqueria is the oldest marketplace in Barcelona. It initiated life in 1217 as a mere cluster of chicken stalls on La Rambla. More significant than two hundred places join, such as a foodie’s choral group, traders’ yell, the clang of glasses, welcome good wishes vocal out “Holaaaa.”

Although, for the entire ambiance, it is the aroma that obtains you: temperate, newly fried fish, ocean-salt, the type that outlines your nostrils, stimulates your belly, creates your physician tense, or has cleaned down with a cava glass. Clutch a fruit smoothie from the technicolor booths as you walk inside. After that, do a lap: the deep you venture, the superior the significance. If you want to enjoy the best Barcelona nightlife then book Original Barcelona Pub Crawl tour.


While Tibidabo mount is a fairground, it also has a lot of tourist places. You would first observe it from the center of the city, elevated on a peak; the silhouette of a royal temple creates you curious about moving. It formally knows as the Sacred Heart church ( or the Temple Expiatori del Sagrat Cor). Its roof is topping with several bronze Jesus statues that you may obtain an elevator. Mind-bluster (or a small breeze-bluster), you abruptly observe the attraction of the amusement park next.

Like its retro-manner appeals, includes as a Ferris wheel with color-explode seat pod, construct for the sight as to a great extent as the shout. The children like the Rides, or adults love the Sights. Come to an end with a gin and boost on the patio of Mirabeau Bar, close to wherever the blue tram finishes, The border seating regulation.

Park Guell

Park Guell is an approximately create-think countryside. There are a lot of things like home to Barcelona’s well-known mosaic lizard, the picture on more than 1000 postcards, also spiral towers that seem like fair view glide. A city’s magnificent park started life as cooperation among Antoni Gaudí or entrepreneur Eusebi Guell, hence the park’s name. It is vital to be familiar with your ticket choices.

The free-of-charge ticket obtains you into the recreational area, other than not into the most excellent parts. For that, you require a Ticket of Monumental Cove. Understand that you need to book in proceed online or reach your destination at the appointed time for your chosen slot.

Parc de la Ciutadella

There are many destinations to enjoy. Barcelona’s is enormous town park house, the regional parliament, a zoo, or abundance of places and spots for the lounge. Cascada Monumental, construct with input from a youthful Gaudí, is a dramatic golden fall that together wows or comforts you. There is also a serene boating pond alongside it.

Go into the Arc de Triomf or the sophisticated Modernist construction to your correct is Castell dels Tres Dragons, constructed by Lluís Domenech. At present closed for overhaul, without a word on an unlocking date, it was on one occasion the zoology museum. Other good-looking, up till now no less strange, sequences of the organization are the Hivernacle (winter garden) and cast iron Umbracle (palm house) ahead. You may go away for a genuine slice of town-park life.

Nau Bostik

Barcelona has several renowned museums, with many famous names, in several eminent parts of the city. Also, Nau Bostik is not any of those. That is accurately why all feel affection for it. Get the metro to La Sagrera, walk ten mins throughout an inhabited region that creates you speculate if you have gotten misplaced, and appear for a bold-colored with stripes mural on the factory side. This job, by Argentine road performer Elian Chali, sums up the strength of the Nau Bostik.

Casa Vicens

It was constructed in the 1880s as a summer home for stockbroker Manel Vicens, and Casa Vicens was the very 1st house Gaudí planned. Not remember the Gaudí of La Sagrada Família celebrity, this is his Orientalist era. Suppose a Moorish palace combined with a Rubik’s cube. Any admirer of strips or maximalist plan would geek out on the oriental palms, flower-decorated stripes, pink walls, or flying birds. Also, add in a terracotta roof patio, a pair of elaborate arenas, and a few Gaudí ironwork, or you are gone speculating how it all goes with jointly.