What Should You Know When Getting Started with Paddleboarding

Going to a beach is a good idea any time of the year, especially when you’re looking for a fun way to work out. There are many activities and regimes you can practice at the beach or near the ocean to burn some calories.

Many people wonder, is paddleboarding a good workout? Paddleboarding is a great solution when you’re looking to get into the water for an extended period and want to find a physically exerting and engaging activity.

Basic Requirements

While being a swimmer is not a prerequisite if you’re looking to go paddleboarding, it is recommended that you know basic floatation and swimming techniques if you end up in the water.

If you want to get acclimatized to stand-up paddleboarding, you can practice on solid ground before moving into the water. Because the water is unstable, knowing the motions before you go in can help you learn quickly.

What You Need

There isn’t a lot of equipment that you need when you want to go paddleboarding. Having a paddleboard, a paddle, and adequate safety gear is enough. If you’re planning to do it for a few hours, carry a water bottle, snacks, and sunscreen with high SPF.

While there isn’t any recommended outfit you should wear when paddleboarding, wear something that will cover your shoulders and arms, especially if you’re out on the waters on a particularly sunny day.

Making it a Workout

Paddleboarding can be done sitting down or standing up. While you can build upper body strength and muscles if you choose to paddleboard sitting down, stand-up paddleboarding burns more calories and gives a holistic workout for your body.

When you’re paddleboarding standing up, you can build on your core muscles, while the continuous exertion on your legs and arms also helps stretch and strengthen these areas.

If you’re looking for a bit of challenge and want to burn more calories, you can use a paddleboard when there is a bit of wind resistance, which makes your body work harder to go forward.

Making Paddleboarding Exciting

You can do paddleboarding by yourself or with your friends to make the activity more engaging and fun. If you have a dog, you can also take it for paddleboarding with you.

Many people have also begun doing yoga while paddleboarding. It helps burn more calories (around 500 calories per hour) compared to regular paddleboarding and can help improve your stamina, balance, and core.

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Have Fun with Your Paddleboarding Experience

When trying to convince your friends to go paddleboarding with you, always say yes when they ask, “is paddleboarding a good workout?”. You can burn calories, enjoy the outdoors and explore with this activity.

You can even participate in competitions and special events for paddleboard enthusiasts once you’ve got the hang of being balanced on your paddleboard. Being a part of a local race is a great way to meet new people and enjoy an activity all of you love.

Learn to paddleboard next time you’re on the beach to experience some fun and exciting moments out in the ocean!