8 Incredible Hacks to Cut off Your Group Travel Expenses

Incredible Hacks to Cut off Your Group Travel Expenses

Travelling on your own can be somewhat fulfilling yet can somehow be boring and tiring.  That’s why for some, travelling with a large group of family and/or friends is way better – more fun things to do under the sun! Here we are giving some incredible Hacks to Cut off Your Group Travel Expenses. Give your feedback in the comment box at the end of the article.

As you travel with your family or friends, you can guarantee that there would be no room for boredom or dull moments. Every second of your travel is another milestone for your relationship and another momentous bonding experience to treasure for a lifetime. 

With that, this article sums up all the major tips which you can follow as you travel, whether out-of-town or abroad, with your family and/or friends. So, stop staring at the pages and start planning for a group trip without a hassle. 

1. Always choose to book a flight/tour in advance

One factor that may affect your future group travel plans is the availability of the tour dates and number of seats. It will all turn into a complete nightmare if you’ll choose to book a flight/tour closer to your desired dates. 

If you’re looking for a hassle-free trip to cut-off your travel expenses beforehand the trip, then you better choose to book a flight/tour as early as you can. It’s because most travel agencies give special discounts for early bookings. And for some reason, early bookings have more seat offers that’s perfect for you and your company!

2. Look or search for budget-friendly travel itineraries

Travelling with a large group of people without planning is more like jumping on a cliff without a parachute. So, if you want to make your group travel a complete success, then it’s highly suggested for you to search for budget-friendly itineraries where you can get ideas or basic tips and advice. 

Budget friendly travel itinerary - Incredible Hacks to Cut off Your Group Travel Expenses

With the use of the internet and a little effort of browsing from here and there, you can click on the best blogs or video blogs that tackle travelling on a budget for your pocket. You can pick on one or two tips or ideas per itineraries and build an itinerary for your team. Isn’t that exciting?

3. Browse for an app that’s expert in splitting expenditures

Once you’re down jotting down or sorting out the following tips from different itineraries, you can now proceed on installing applications on your phone that are experts in spitting or monitoring travel expenditures. There are free travel apps which offer tons of promos for dining, accommodation, fun activities, and more!

But wait, because there’s more! There are also available apps that may help you and your friends divide your travel expenses in a fair and equal way. With that, collecting receipts and adding and dividing all the expenditures won’t be something to worry about. 

4. Check out for group discounts and promos

Like how you get special discounts for availing two or more of your favourite products in a supermarket, you can also get a discount for travelling by group! Yes, you read it right. So, don’t disregard checking out for group discounts and promos during your travel planning session. 

This will surely cut-off a good amount from your initial or supposed travel expenses. Always be resourceful in finding helpful discounts as you finalise your travel itinerary and/or bookings. 

5. Transpo sources alert: Consider a minibus hire 

Travelling out of town or abroad can be a disaster without a fixed or settled transportation source – this is very particular when you’re travelling by group. Getting from one place to another will be so much of a hassle for everyone. 

Commuting by a group to a foreign place isn’t that ideal and can cost you a lot of money sometimes. But don’t worry because there are excellent options you might want to avail if you don’t want to suffer on your most-awaited group travel.

Travel expenses - Incredible Hacks to Cut off Your Group Travel Expenses

Good thing that aside from taxi cabs, trains, and public buses, there is now available minibus hire which is best fit for your planned group travel. Now that you know about minibus hire, you can now go to places with the utmost comfort and peace served right in front of your door! 

6. Propose and follow a certain budget chart

Whether you’re travelling with your family or with your friends, or both, your allotted budget for your group travel must be settled earlier. It’s because budgeting can also cause cold war or serious quarrel if the division of expenses isn’t well-monitored. 

So, to avoid undesirable and unfortunate misunderstandings, you can opt for making your budget chart. This budget chart for your group travel will more likely serve as your overall “financial plan”. 

Through the proposed and built budget chart, you can state a certain amount of money for the accommodation, food, extra services, and so forth. You can also include here the distribution of travel expenditures and additional costings you may have on your actual group tour. 

7. Pre-plan a variety of free-of-charge activities

Mostly, group travellers, especially the first-timers, aren’t aware of the simple hack of availing free-of-charge group travel activities. You and your group might get too overwhelmed and just go with the flow of budget expenses. 

If you wouldn’t want to come home with an empty pocket, you can do the simple hack of pre-planning. In your pre-planning stage, you may choose and conduct careful research for a variety of free-of-charge group activities available on the place or country you’ll be visiting. 

Mostly, these free-of-charge fun activities include museum visits, national heritage tours, and more. So, if I were you, I’ll use my time wisely by searching for fun and free activities. 

8. Go on physical activities or adventures

The world is carefully filled with wonders and beauty of nature, some are hidden waiting to be explored and savoured. So, if you want to make the most of your travel (for free), always search for the sites or natural attractions where you can do biking, hiking, trekking, or even having a simple picnic with your bunch of friends and family.  Check this beginner’s guide to start bike touring if you are wondering how to travel by bicycle.

Physical activities - Incredible Hacks to Cut off Your Group Travel Expenses

Engaging your whole team with a variety of physical activities like the said samples before, you can easily enjoy your group travel without spending too much. Also, as you do these activities, you’ll see how you effortlessly get attached with the place and its natural gifts for your eyes to see and for your heart to remember. 

Additional Tips – Cut off Your Group Travel Expenses

When travelling on a budget, there are certain things you might not want to forget to include in your luggage. So, what are those? Keep reading and refer to the list below. For making your travel backpacking follow this Backpacking packing list.

  • Toiletries 

Thought some hotel or apartment for rent may offer a set of toiletries that you need, it’s always better that you’re ready than sorry. 

Since you’re travelling with a tight budget, you’ll more likely find a typical hotel that might not be able to provide toiletries like sanitary napkins, toothbrushes, towels, and more. 

  • A pack of candies

Travelling can be exhausting sometimes and feeling hungry along the way is highly possible. A pack of candies might save your day as well as your wallet from spending money buying for unplanned foods or snacks. 

Additional tips - Incredible Hacks to Cut off Your Group Travel Expenses

Candies can help you regain your composure and get back the energy that you might need to explore more about the place you’re visiting.

  • Medicines and a first-aid kit

Sad to say, unfortunate and undesirable circumstances may take place while you’re totally immersed in your travel. There are instances that you might catch a cold or get sick, acquire minor or major injuries, and so on. 

So, it’s necessary and advisable for you to bring medicines and a first-aid kit with you no matter where you go. It’s a big help since you’ll never know the additional expense you might have when you buy them in that foreign country or place.

  • A couple or multiple wallets

Using or bringing a couple or multiple wallets either on a road trip or an out-of-the-country tour can really save you from spending too much money. This can either be from spending too much for lunch or dinner, unnecessary snack, purchasing too many souvenirs and unreasonable shopping.

You can put a certain amount of money from one wallet to another as you wish to spend for food, accommodation, shopping for souvenirs, and more. In that way, you can manually monitor your spending behaviour – isn’t that helpful, huh?

  • Snacks and more snacks!

Like what’s been said on the earlier key point, travelling can be tiresome sometimes. And that can cause your body to feel hungry and crave for food. 

Snacks - Incredible Hacks to Cut off Your Group Travel Expenses

Well, food and snacks may possibly be pricey in other places or foreign countries. So, it’s better if you keep your tummy loaded at any time of the day by bringing or packing some snacks for your group travel.

Final Words:

Well, how’s your reading so far? Thank you for making time reading and noting down the following tips this article sorted out just for you. We wish your group travel to be filled with a lot of fun and adventure. And hey, don’t forget to share your stories, okay?



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