How Can You Travel To Russia?

Visiting Russia for a holiday can be refreshing and enjoyable. All you need is a valid passport and a Russian travel visa, and you can head there. With the country having borders with several other nations, the government allows people to visit via various transportations. Click here for more information.

If you are wondering how you can travel to Russia, keep your worry aside. You can choose how to get there according to your convenience, preference and affordability. You can arrive in the country via different means. Here is how you can travel to Russia.

By Air

Almost all major airlines fly to Russia directly or indirectly. However, the cost may vary from one airline to another depending on the distance and standard. Unlike before, you can easily find all the information online.

You can compare the main aspects of different airlines that fly from your country and select the right one.

If you are not familiar with the flights, you can also ask a reliable travel agency to help. If you mention all the necessary details, a travel agent can book your flight and do the needful. 

Some popular airlines to Russia include Lufthansa, United Airlines, Aeroflot, Thai Airways, Emirates, Finnair, Etihad Airways, Rossiya Airlines, Air France, Turkish Airlines, Eurowings and Delta Airlines. There are many more so you can select as per convenience.

By Road

Russia being the largest country in the world, also shares its borders with the most number of countries. In total, including land and water, it shares borders with sixteen sovereign nations. So, traveling to the country by road is not difficult if you have the correct papers.

You can travel to Russia by road in three ways.

Train: Several trains travel to Russia from a number of countries. So, you can compare the rates, schedules and decide on your favorite. The Warsaw Polonez train or the Paris Moscow express are excellent choices. You will also find direct trains from Tallin and Helsinki. The Allegro express and Tolstoy night train are connections you can take when traveling from Tallin and Helsinki. 

The trains have multiple facilities, so you are sure to have a fantastic experience traveling on them. Have your papers at hand as both Finnish and Russian customs officials conduct inspections on their respective sides of the borders.

Bus: You can also travel to Russia by bus from a number of countries. Eurolines, Sovavto, FinnBus, MurmanskAutoTrans, Gulliver Reisen, and Becker Reisen are some bus companies that travel to Russia. 

The buses ply from and to the Baltic states, to and from Finland, and to and from Germany. There are several stops at different locations. So, you can buy a ticket from a particular place that you want to start your journey from.

Costs vary, and the farther the station, the costlier the ticket will be. But it can be an experience which you will never forget. But be sure to have the proper visas and travel papers, including transit visas.  

Car: It is also possible to go to Russia by car from anywhere provided you have all the documents. Since you will be crossing different countries, it is advisable to carry the right papers. Before embarking on the journey, find all necessary information related to traveling by car to avoid problems.

You can take a car from your country and pass-through different countries or hire one from a place that borders Russia. However, traveling by car may not be very convenient and safe. 

By Sea

The government allows cruise ship passengers to visit Russian ports for up to 72 hours without a visa. However, if you intend to visit other regions of the country, you need to have a Russian travel visa valid for at least 180 days.

But rules are subject to change. So, if you intend to visit Russia via sea route, make sure to have the right information. Else, you may face problems.

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So, you have the choice to visit Russia via road, air or sea. You can collect all the vital details and compare them. When you plan to visit, choose the suitable means of travel, get the papers ready and enjoy a great vacation.