How to plan your first couple vacation

You’re planning your first vacation with your significant other? Congratulations, that’s really a big step in any relationship! Now all you have to do is make sure that the vacation you plan is a memorable one and something both of you can fully enjoy. If you need tips for that, you’ve come to the right place – in the rest of this text, we will discuss some advice on how to approach the issue of planning your first couple vacation and some of the more common mistakes people make. Also, you will find a few nice tips here and there, so let’s get going. Here’s what you need to keep in mind.

Don’t overdo it

People tend to stuff their itinerary with places to see and things to do at their destination when planning things like this. Sure, it’s nice to visit the main sights, especially if that involves an interesting day trip, but don’t overdo it. Leave enough time to just walk around the place you’re visiting and explore it at your own pace. Enjoy quaint little bars, busy streets, and just soak up the atmosphere wherever you are. It’s much better than just running around from one sight to another. Take a moment to appreciate the fact that this is your first couple vacation and savour the moment.

Get the right type of accommodation

This kind of trip has to be a memorable one, and one of the main parts of it is the accommodation you choose. So don’t hesitate here – the two of you deserve something special for this occasion, a place where you can fully relax and enjoy your surroundings. is a great website to help you organize that because it has all the best villas with a pool in Croatia, so if you’re coming to this wonderful country, you will be able to get a great price for that type of accommodation through them. Imagine just chilling with your partner next to a pool in the evening, surrounded by trees and listening to crickets singing in a secluded place. Magical, right? Couple vacations don’t get much better than that.

Book a romantic dinner in a restaurant

No couple holiday is complete without a nice romantic dinner, especially if this is your first vacation together. For a perfect night out, the venue of your meal should meet several criteria:

  • good food, obviously
  • good wine
  • impressive location (if possible, go for a dinner under the stars)
  • a splash of elegance – not exactly black-tie, but the place certainly has to be reputable
  • great presentation
  • interesting deserts

Since we mentioned Croatia in the last paragraph, let me paint you a picture of your romantic dinner. You’re in the city of Dubrovnik and are going to dinner in the restaurant on those magnificent city walls. It’s a warm summer night, with no clouds in the sky and the stars are above you. Below you is the Adriatic Sea. The restaurant is of high quality, maybe even with a Michelin star, and the meal is perfect and accompanied by some excellent Croatian wine. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Set up something like that, and you will both remember it for the rest of your lives.

Find a (secluded) beach

Obviously, no summer vacation is complete without hitting the beach, but try to do some research before you decide where to go for a swim. The Croatian coast, for example, is full of secluded coves and wonderful beaches, so you can have a really intimate atmosphere and enjoy some quality time together. As a matter of fact, if you opt to stay in the aforementioned Dubrovnik, you can easily visit some of the wonderful Elaphite Islands, which are scarcely populated and almost untouched by human hand. This is an ideal place to get away from it all.
You can also head to Mljet, an absolutely stunning island with a national park where you can also go for a swim. Amazing!
On the other hand, maybe a nice resort is something that would suit you more. For that, you can for example head to Istria (aside from Dubrovnik, of course), which is the part of the country pretty much made for a summer vacation. But the bottom line is that you should invest some effort into finding a beach you will both like.

If you want to visit one of the beautiful beaches on the Adriatic or just go sightseeing, Sea tours Croatia offers a large selection of tours that will take you to the desired place.

Learn about the local sights

While we did say that you shouldn’t overdo it, learning a thing or two about the local sights can be very useful because it can help you decide on which things you really must visit and which ones you can probably skip and not regret it. In addition, it will show your partner that you have really thought this vacation through and show them that you’re willing to go the extra mile for the experience to be perfect.

The whole Mediterranean is littered with remains from the age of Rome, and some of them are preserved in absolutely pristine condition (the amphitheatre in Pula is a great example). Impress your partner by learning a bit about the local history and culture – the information you discover will leave you both in awe.


Planning your first couple vacation is something that should be approached with great care. There should be no stress, though, just do your best to make sure both of you have a great time. Just remember that we’re talking about a VACATION, so don’t cram the itinerary too much. Leave enough time to simply enjoy the fact that you’re there so that everything can flow without causing anyone any stress.
A dinner in a nice restaurant under the stars is a sure-fire way to create incredible memories, but don’t forget to find appropriate accommodation, too. Both of these things should be booked well in advance to avoid any problems with availability. In the end, just try to enjoy and relax, that’s what being with a loved one is all about. Appreciate the moment and you will have something you will treasure for the rest of your life.

BIO: Marko Domljanović is a member of the team working on He is a passionate traveler and likes to take time and enjoy his every trip, especially if there’s some good food to be tasted. When he’s not traveling, you can bet he’s trying to decide which country to visit next with his Newfoundland dog Mona at his side.