Best Places to visit in Matheran in Monsoon( Updated for 2021)

If you are wondering which are the best places to visit in Matheran in Monsoon 2021 then this guide will be very helpful. Matheran, a British time hill station which is located on the Western Ghats near Mumbai. If you want to go to a place where no sound of vehicles, only fresh cool air, clouds then it is the best choice. If you are going to visit Matheran in Monsoon 2021 then March to September is the best time to visit Matheran. This Matheran Guide is part of our India Travel Guide.

Here we have given details regarding the best places to visit in Matheran, Matheran Packing list, where to stay in Matheran, how to reach Matheran, and other important details.

Where to stay in Matheran

Many hotels give reservations without advance payment. So book hotels from the below map to get hotels within your budget.
places to visit in Matheran
Matheran Railway station

Travel Scam in Matheran

Please do not book hotels from Neral railway station. Book online from after finding hotels from the above map.

When you reach Neral station, many guys ask you for a taxi. Then when you go with them, they would tell you that only you can book hotels from here. Lastly, you would reach to one travel agent shop and a person would show you some photos of only rooms. But when you will reach Matheran, you will find that same rooms with very bad situations. So only book a room online or book room after reaching Matheran. There are many rooms available there and no shortage of rooms. So do not book a room near Neral railway station. It is a big scam. You can see the beauty of Matheran by watching these photos.

Matheran Travel – How to go Matheran

Places to visit in Matheran

The railway is the best option to reach Matheran hill station. Matheran also has a railway station. Matheran train is a toy train that goes around the hills of Matheran where you can see the amazing view of green forest, waterfalls, and much more. We can go to Matheran by Mumbai local train. Mumbai to Matheran distance is about 82 km from the west side of Mumbai but considering local trains are available till the nearest location, it becomes very less. The nearest railway station to Matheran is Neral which is Mumbai local train station. During your travel make an ultralight backpack so you can travel easily in crowded trains or buses.

Neral is situated on the western line of Mumbai local. Neral to Matheran distance is about 8 km. This distance is till Matheran taxi pick up and drop point. First, download the Mumbai local map. So you can understand its location. From Neral, you can go by taxi or train. By taxi, you can reach within max. 45 minutes.

Neral to Matheran taxi fare is around 70 INR. By toy train of Matheran, you will reach in 3 hours. The train goes between the green forest. If you have time then you should go by train. By train, you will reach Matheran hill station top. But the taxi goes only till Matheran taxi pick up and drop point. From there you have to walk around 1 to 2 kilometers in line with railway track to reach on top. If you are traveling from Pune then Pune to Matheran distance is around 120 km by road. If you choose the railway then it will take around 3 hours to reach nearby railway station Neral.

After reaching Matheran, you can do a horse ride to visit different places. Otherwise, you have to walk.  Because vehicles are not allowed after the car parking point!!!

Pune to Matheran

If you are traveling from Pune then Pune to Matheran distance is around 120 km by road. If you choose the railway then it will take around 3 hours to reach nearby railway station Neral. Also, more trains are available till the Karjat railway station which is also near to Matheran.

View from Matheran
Waterfalls in Matheran
Waterfalls in Matheran

Matheran Travel- Best Places to Visit in Matheran

Louisa point 

Matheran has some of the best treks in India and Louisa Point is one of them. Louisa point is one of the best places to visit in Matheran that provides views of beautiful surroundings. This point is 1.5 km away from the city area. At the Louisa point, you can see a splendid view of the scenery. Watching sunrise and sunset with your loved ones is the really soothing experience of your life. At monsoon, you can see waterfalls mean it is a combination of lake, hills, waterfalls that charm to beautify it more. You can see here the whole point wearing a coat of grass and completely surrounded by various shades of nature that make it the best place for hiking, camping, and horse riding.

Echo point

The name of the echo point gets because of the natural echo phenomenon. This point is situated near Louisa’s point and tourists can see it from here. Kids are crazy about this place because of its echo. Even the adult also becomes crazy to hear their voice back. The echo point is well known for its gorgeous pleasant weather and cleanliness. Not only echo but it is the best place for nature lovers as well, its natural beauty makes it more beautiful and visitors visit this place. Apart from visiting the place, the echo point is popular for its food stalls. Visitors can easily taste food and snacks.

Porcupine point

Porcupine point is located only 2 kilometers away from the railway station at Matheran and this place is also known as a sunset point. This is the best and right place to breathe and feel the fresh air. The name porcupine point gets after its geographical silhouette resembling and its shape is like a porcupine bird. This point is blessed with a mesmerizing view and the natural beauty of the valley.  Here you can see how the sun playing hides and seek with the mountains and the cathedral rock provides additional attraction here. You can also enjoy the color change of the sky like from blue to pink then it becomes black which enhances the look of this place.

Irshalgad fort

Irshalgad fort is standing between Panvel and Matheran in Maharastra and it is situated on a hill. The height of this fort is 3700 feet above sea level. It is the best place and center of attraction for all adventure tourists. Tourist can easily trek their way to the Irshalgad pinnacle. Here you will find one temple and you can easily trek way from temple to pinnacle. The Irshalgad fort offers a dramatic and eye capture view that will steal your heart. If you go by train then you have to hire one private vehicle to reach the fort. This fort is best for a picnic, reunion with friends, etc.

Panorama point

A panorama point is the best place for nature lovers, photo enthusiasts, and adventure seekers. It is located at a distance of 5 km from the Matheran railway station and this place is also known as a sunrise point. Panorama’s point is one of the highest points in Matheran and the best time to visit this place is early hours to see the view of sunrise. This place attracts visitors for its panoramic view of the place and natural beauty of the village. The rising sun is like a spellbinding view that surely steals your heart. The beautiful color of the sky helps to ease up your mind and take all stress away.

Khandala point

Khandala point is situated near the matheran market and it is one of the best destinations to spend time with your loved ones. You will feel relaxing and refreshing but you need to stay careful from the monkey families. The fog and greenery of this point steal your heart. Here you can feel really crowd at the sunrise and sunset time and if you are near this place then do not miss it. This is the famous and best place for who loves to capture a picture. You can enjoy the ambient music, and buy some things that you need from near stores. Many people love to do hiking and trekking here.

Matheran Packing list

Here are the items you can pack during your Matheran Trip.

Packing Cubes

Selfie Stick with tripod stand

Ultralight Umbrella

Waterproof Backpack

Shoes for Men

Shoes For Women

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