Most useful backpacking tips for traveling the world

Weather you are travelling  in your own country or thinking of world tour, something you must plan before starting your trip. Here in tripntricks, we will give you some ideas.


Bank Cards

Wherever you go, check your debit or credit card is valid for international use or not. Some debit cards are not valid for international transaction so before your trip check your card details with bank. If not then change it with new debit or credit card. It will be helpful to you in abroad trips.

Drinking water

Drink bottled water. Try to avoid tap water if you do not know the place properly. Always keep small bottle in your backpack. This is healthy way of travelling.

Carry Medicine


Carry medicine some useful medicine with you. Consult your doctor and take with  doctor’s prescription only. While travelling many countries, doctor’s prescription required to show against any medicine. So be careful.

Lifeline for your mobile and Laptop

Take a power bank and universal charger with you while travelling. Sometimes while travelling, mobile phone is very important for communication, any bank transaction and even finding the place. So you need power bank for your mobile while roaming around the world. Please keep power bank in handbag while air travel. Also take universal charger for charge the batteries.
Use public transport
As you that public transport is one of the most cheap ways of travelling. So use it wherever possible. It is also safe.

Cash and Wallet

Keep all cash in different pockets. Also put some cash in any secret place to avoid problems if your wallet is stolen or you are out of money. Do not put wallet in back pocket. It is very easy way for thief to take out your wallet.

Make list 

Make one list of important things you need everyday and put first in your backpack. Your important stuff would be your toothbrush, comb,googles,pair of socks, hair gel and many more. 

Mosquito gel

Take mosquito gel with you everywhere and most importantly in night. Mosquito bite can make you trouble while travelling in many areas. So this little thing help you anytime in you journey around the world.

Lock your bag

Keep one bag lock in your backpack. It will hold your bag zipper together in  transit and also you can use lock with chain for fix bag in hostel dorm or put it in coach while travelling in train.

Pack light

Pack light while travelling and backpacking. Pack only important things you need in travelling. Anything you need then buy from place you are travelling. Do not take bathing  towel. Make a list first and after arrange things in your bag. Use small luggage bag.

Offline No network

Think of situation when you need your mobile network and its disappear for sometime. To avoid this type of situation you should download important offline maps in google maps. You should download local train maps,timetable of bus and trains.
 You will say me thanks for this lifesaving advice!!!

Avoid agents

It is common in many places where there are more chances of  tourist trap. You know when you reach someplace and people come to offer you different services like hotel, taxi and any other services for activities in tourist spot. They do not give you time for thinking, only speak and try to make you agree with them. So simply avoid them. Make plan what you want and where you want to go before reaching any place. You can tell them that you have booked hotel online or you are not interested.There are many tourist trap in which tourist are offered to go with them to drink in a bar and after they get trouble from unknown friend.

International Roaming

Check your data operator international roaming plans if you want to receive important calls,bank sms for cash transaction while you are out of your country.

Dry fruits

Take some any of the dry fruit like almond, peanut with you to fill your stomach full.
Travel Insurance
Travel insurance will cover many travel risks like emergency medical, baggage loss, flight cancellation and many more. There are many plans for travel insurance  available in market so choose your travel insurance as per your need.

Travel Booking

If your travel is confirmed then book all things before some time. You can get good discount and cheap flights, hotel bookings if you book them early.
You can check a website like a sky scanner for the cheapest flight. Also, you have not decided to travel days or month then you can search the cheapest month for travelling to a particular destination.

I hope you enjoy it. Keep visiting our site to get more tips.

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