One Day in Washington DC Itinerary

Washington is the most beautiful place to visit. But seeing all of the places in Washington and that in one day is next to impossible. However, this one day in Washington DC itinerary is full of fun, romantic, and enjoyment. This guide is part of our USA Travel Guide.

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Where to store Luggage

After reaching Washington DC, you have to put your luggage at a safe and secure place. Visiting different places in Washington DC with heavy luggage is an impossible thing. Whether you arrive early or late night flight, Cubby luggage storage in Washington DC offers you a safe and secure space to store your bags conveniently all around the city. They also offer insurance for all bags stored and hassle-free cancellation policy. Their storage locations are near all major landmarks like US Capitol hill, National mall, White House, Union Station, and many more locations. Now you can enjoy the city bags free by booking your cubby online.

To make your Washington visit worth-while in one day, check out the following suggestions of the famous places in Washington, There’s many breathe taking museums, landmarks, historical sites, and memorial’s interesting attraction.

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Spots for breakfast

If morning is good the day is good. So, start your morning with some of the following famous spots for having breakfast in Washington.

Mark’s kitchen

This is the famous Korean dinner and it is pure Takoma park means there’s plenty of healthy food items. Mung bean cake is the best bit to all the cakes options available there. Moreover, avocado, bulgogi, kimchi, and the omelet span from tofu is the famous dishes of this place.

Bread Furst

This is the small and simple cafe, but it is known for its best baguettes, English muffins, and chocolate croissants. It has been awarded for the best baker in Van ness city.

Call your mother deli

This wood-fired bagel shop is open daily from 8 a.m. to 2 a.m. The shop has its best combination, such as the French fries with salmon cream, bacon, and jalapenos. Moreover, the must-try dish is fried potato latkes and chocolate muffins with one cup of blend coffee.

Hence, the above was the spots that would make your morning beautiful and pleasant. Let’s start our trip with U.S Capitol Building.

The U.S. Capitol Building

It is the center of American democracy and the most beautiful place to visit. This building is the home to the United States where the bills are passed, debate laws, and various decisions according to business are made by the congressmen and the congresswomen on behalf of the American people.

You must have to register your visit to this building in advance, and anyone is allowed to visit the U.S. capitol building. Over there, you would find the gift shops that carry the art and architecture sections of the U.S. capitol and the cafeteria for refreshment purposes.

Moreover, there is a restaurant that is open from Monday to Saturday at the timing of 8.30 a.m. to 11 a.m. for breakfast and lunch it is 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The White House

one day in Washington DC Itinerary

You could have the experience of seeing the house where the most powerful commander in chief lives. According to the United States, the house is the one-and-only breathe taking the white house. There are eight rooms available for the public inspection and for having a great experience over there, you would require the self-guide.

Moreover, if you are willing to see your congressperson on the tour then you should write a request to a particular congressperson before six months of your visit date. Seeing the white house this closer is still the dream of many. So, don’t miss the chance of visiting the white house on your one day tour.

Spots for lunch

Lunchtime in Washington, oh! It would be the best lunch for anyone’s life. The following are some of the eateries and must check out to make your lunch mesmerizing.

Taqueria Habanero 

This is very well known as it has the finest traditional Mexican cuisine look. The must-try flavors are of tortillas and fiery salad. The pizza and tacos are also famous dishes in this place.

Location: 3710 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20010

Bistro Arachosia

This restaurant has its best look with the pop-up colors and the lip-smacking taste of four containers on each table that includes the yogurt sauce, cream and green avocado, bright orange, and a spicy mango condiment. All types of dished here have their specialty.

Location: 5100 MacArthur Blvd, Washington, DC 20016

A local spot – CAVA

This is the best local spot to visit in Washington to have lunch at an affordable price. This stall offers you the best Mediterranean mix that is the bowl of braised beef as well as lamb and it topped with the feta, cucumber salad or pita crisps. Various types of dips are also available.

Location: 707 H St NW, Washington, DC 20001

Hence, the above was the best spot to visit in Washington for lunch. Now visit next destination.

National memorials and Washington Monument

One day in Washington DC Itinerary

The national memorials and Washington Monument comprise of the best historical landmarks. Visiting the national memorials of Washington is truly spectacular. You have to register the visit in advance, and must consult for the tour guide as the memorials are highly spread out.

You can enjoy the ride by Segway, bike, and Pedicab at the noon hours. Don’t miss out the chance to visit Lincoln Memorial, World War 2 Memorial, Vietnam war memorial, Korean War Memorial, FDR Memorial, and the Martin Luther King memorial if you prefer to visit the national memorial by walking.

Spots for dinner – One day in Washinton DC Itinerary

If you are with the loved one and want to have the romantic dine-in then following are some to the restaurant to enhance your romantic eve.

Rose’s Luxury

This is one of the most famous restaurants of all time. It’s advisable to book your table in advance or else you have to stand in the hour-long line. Or else, stop by this restaurant as early as possible. There’s no fixed menu but the must-try dish of this spot is lychee salad and reginetti pasta.

Tail up goat

The spot has an eye-catching infrastructure and it is very well known for all of its dishes. Moreover, the must-try dish is lamb rib, pasta, baked slices of bread, and crispy salt cods.

Thomas sweet ice cream co.

Take your loved one to this classic ice cream spot after taking the romantic dinner. It is nearby the national mall. This place is famous that means it has a long hour-line but it is worth waiting for having the lip-smacking ice creams.

Hence, the above was the spot must-visit for dinner in Washington.

Have a visit to Georgetown

After the dinner, if you still have energy then you must visit Georgetown, the oldest neighborhood of Washington. You can take a taxi or DC circulatory bus from Dupont circle. It is very well known for its bars, shops, and the cobblestone street. To enjoy the waterfall view, you can visit Washington harbor for taking the romantic walk with your loved one.

Smithsonian Museum

You can also visit this museum after having dinner or in the daytime as well. This museum is very well known for its world’s most intriguing specimens on display. This museum has the best collections of rare gems, insects as well as animals, fascinating as well as mind-blowing items, minerals, plants, and the mesmerizing view of the world’s natural beauty. Even after the tiredness, this museum is worth visiting.

The history and culture of Washington DC are rich and due to that annual, many people visit Washington. There’s much to see, yes that is not possible to visit all the places in one day but you must plan the places according to your taste before visiting Washington. Hence, the above was the places must to visit in one day in Washington DC Itinerary.