Few of the Best Sightseeing locations in Krabi

Krabi Thailand is one of the most beautiful and serene holiday destinations for a relaxing holiday. Moreover, Krabi is gaining prominence among tourists from around the world for being a budget-friendly destination with world-class facilities and amazing scenic islands and tropical forests for sightseeing. Krabi with its engaging rustic aura, untouched islands, golden beaches, lush forests and mangroves coupled with the tempting nightlife, scrumptious Thai food, and world-class resorts, markets, spas, and salons are a charm for the visitors to explore. There are a variety of Krabi Tours which tourists from around the world can undertake to explore the various beautiful islands and sightseeing locations in Krabi. 

Railay beach and caves 

Railay Beach Thailand

Comprising of four small beaches Railay Beach is more a tropical paradise located at the core of Ao Nang and Krabi Town and is on the checklist of almost all the travelers. There are lots of things to do in Railay Beach. Lying close to Ao Nang, Railay beach geographically separated from the mainland by limestone cliffs and can be reached by longtail boats only. This peninsula has a lagoon hidden inside the limestone cliffs and white sand beaches. The limestone cliffs, here, are regarded as the best ones for climbing for both beginning and advanced levels. Railay has no road connectivity, which makes it an unspoiled tropical paradise to spend lazy days.

Krabi Emerald Pool (Sa Morakot)

Krabi Emerald Pool sightseeing in Krabi

The uniqueness of Emerald Pool in the Thung Teao Forest Natural Park defines the grandeur of nature and its beauty and bounty. Known for rich biodiversity in lowland forest adorn with crystal pond, limestone foothills and nature’s trail of aging trees touching the heavens, its splendor covers entire southern Thailand. During Krabi Tours, one can head towards the Khao Pra-Bang Kram area to spot rare and even extinct species of flora and fauna. To preserve the wildlife, a park office lies in the vicinity of Ban Bang Teao, which spreads the message of no hunting and no harm to animals.

Krabi Hot Springs

Krabi hot springs

Heard of heaven in waters? You will find it nowhere else. Despite being located in a jungle near Khao Phra Bang Khram Nature Reserve, Klong Thom Hot Springs offers a pleasant vacation in warm waters and crystal clear surroundings. The soothing and therapeutic waters in these hot tubs are approached by tourists on Krabi tours most often, imagine bathing in a bathtub carved out from the natural stone and given with a rainforest stretch, it sounds amazing and so feels. The Krabi Hot Springs is like a thermal spring channel waters from ingrained thermal springs of ancient volcanic chambers. With around 40 degrees Celsius temperature, water, here, oozes out natural mineral salts, which help in curing rheumatism and sciatica.

Krabi Tiger Cave(Wat Tham Sua)

Tiger Cave

Nestled around 5 km northeast from Krabi Town center, Krabi Tiger Cave or Wat Tham Sua in Thai is a never to miss place whenever you step into Thailand. An epitome of natural wonders, Tiger Cave Temple presents stunning natural surroundings. If you have a penchant for climbing, it would be the best halt. Defining it in a few words would do no justice to the place, but the iconic footprint of the Buddha’ is the real charm. It takes a grueling climb of 1,247 steps to reach the limestone summit from where you can witness the breathtaking karst landscape. Lying amidst verdant rainforests and impressive cliffs, the temple is a warren of natural limestone caves which offers panoramic 360-degree vistas of the Andaman Sea.

Apart from Krabi, Thailand boasts of a variety of beautiful tropical destinations, which tourists from around the world can frequent for a real tropical holiday in a real tropical paradise. Phuket is one such popular destination, just 2 hours from Krabi via land or sea, which also boasts of beautiful beaches, amazing nightlife and numerous Sightseeing opportunities to explore by way of a variety of Phuket Tours available for the Tourists to explore this scenic tropical paradise. The charm of Phuket can not be rivaled and neither the serenity and the relaxing aura of Krabi. If you are planning to holiday in Thailand, Krabi and Phuket are must-visit destinations.