Best Fun Things To Do in Mason City Iowa

The beautiful Mason City is located in the Cerro Gordo county of Iowa state. There are many interesting things to do in Mason City. Here we see the 13 best things to do in Mason City Iowa. This Mason City guide is part of our USA Travel Guide. Here are the 13 best fun things to do in Mason City Iowa.

1. The Music Man Square

A prominent place in Iowa the Music Man Square is an ideal historic and cultural attraction of Iowa. It features a fantastic indoor streetscape of the 1912 year. It has exciting, enthralling, and dainty gift shops and ice cream parlors. The interiors of these gift shops and ice cream parlors are recreated and redesigned from the Warner Bros motion picture. 

Likewise, there is an attractive museum here that highlights Meredith Willson memorabilia and also features music and art-related exhibits as well as an exploratorium. It is one of the best places to visit in Iowa.

2. Kinney Pioneer Museum

Take a step back and take a break to experience cherishing life on the Iowa frontier via beautiful and vintage exhibits and wonderful past ancient history. It’s the perfect time to explore a pioneer village featuring wonderful one-room, small school homes, jail, log cabins, dainty blacksmith shops, and much more. 

When special events and festivities arrive, a number of crafts and trades take place for visitors. Hence, if you are in Iwa, forget not to visit here. 

3. Lime Creek Nature Center

Wonderful Lime Creek Nature Center and Conservation Area are situated on the top of limestone bluffs of Winnebago Rivulet. It is said to be an almost 440-acre public conservation facility. The Lime Creek Nature Centre is one of the most prominent nature and environment conservation education centres in Iowa. This site has a number of wildlife and nature centers that display a number of animals, birds, and natural elements of North Iowa regions. It has an outdoor amphitheatre, rare natural resources display, forest, natural beautiful trails and habitat that give unique experiences to the visitors. 

4. River City Sculpture of Parade

Wish to visit one of the most enthralling places in Iowa? You must visit the River city sculpture of Parade. It is a year-round destination for travel lovers. Scenic and idyllic beauty, the reverberation of busy Mason city, unique artists’ work from all over the country are displayed here. 

Unique and rare art pieces are saved in a permanent and beautiful collection. Thousands of travelers visit to explore the art and they vote for their ideal artwork from June to September. 

5. Stockman House Rcshp

USA’s Iowa city is full of beautiful homes. If you are in Iowa, you should definitely explore Stockman House Rcshp. It’s time to explore and experience the interior, architecture, and ancient historical pieces of art. These arts and sculptures have different stories to depict. It is a museum open for all travelers and you must visit to know the epic history and great stories. 

6. East Park

Best fun things to do in Mason City Iowa

Nestled on the East Side of beautiful Mason City, East Park is almost 58 acres of developed entertainment and amusement park for visitors. There are two rivulets here: Willow Creek and Winnebago Rivulet. These two rivers flow across the park and you can see colorful fishes here. It has a beautiful and scenic crossing bridge for visitors to explore the beauty. You can enjoy a lot of activities here like volleyball, basketball, golf, tennis and lots more. There is a lot of greenery to explore here.

7. Meredith Wilson Boyhood Home

This home is the birth home of the famous composer “The Music Man”. It was modified by Queen Anne House and restored in 1895. Inside the home, every accessory and clothes used by The Music Man and his family are displayed well. You must visit here if you are in Iowa.

8. Charles H Macnider Art Museum

The Charles H. MacNider Art Museum, is a beautiful and beguiling North Iowa cultural treasure worth visiting. This beautiful museum includes a permanent and unique collection of American art, the very elegant and famous Bil Baird puppets, an impressive,and lavish range of ceramics and lots more. It is indeed an active center for the Arts, Creatives and innovative collection. The museum offers ever changing exhibits, movies, studio classes, special exciting events, Playground and a museum shop.

9. Fat Hill Brewing

Fat Hill Brewing is a long a 7-barrel craft brewery, initiated in Mason City in the year 2016. It is a wonderful brewing arena and taproom situated in the long-vacant ancient old building at 17 N. Federal Avenue has sixteen taps, enormous space for 140 patrons, and a variety of musical concerts and special events. Fat Hill Brewing sells pints, growlers, and kegs on visitor’s request.

10. Spikes Tap Bar

Just like any city cool bar and restaurant, Spikes Bar and restaurant is one of the most famous wine, bar, brews centres in Iowa. If you are a pizza or grill eateries lover, you must definitely visit here. The ambiance is awesome and you can spend hours with your friends and loved ones.

11. Rancho Deluxe

Known as the original bicycle garden, Rancho Deluxe is a recycled and residue half acre art filled garden. You can explore the beauty here and get to see bicycle rocks, license plates, signs, school gates, hub caps and also 3k long slab of granite used in making Rancho Deluxe. 

You can slowly walk through the property and experience the unique, quirky beauty of the same. 

12. Highland Park Golf Course

Highland Park Golf Course is a 6,401-yard golf course perfectly nestled among the highest elevations of Cayuga County. This area is semi-private, that gives the visitors the opportunity to visit and play golf here. It also has a  clubhouse amidst natural grass that gives relaxation time to people.

13. Lester Milligan Park

Situated in South Pierce Avenue of Mason City, Lester Milligan Park was used as a quarry region. It was used to produce clay and brick tiles. It was included in the city and then converted into a park. You can enjoy scenic nature walks with your loved ones, hiking, trekking and biking as there are multiple trails here. It also includes a playground, picnic tables, restrooms, swimming pools and lots more for visitors.