11 Best Weekend Trips From Salt Lake City

Weekends are the most demanded days, especially for the working section. Especially if you are settled in some of the enthralling places like Salt Lake City in Utah. With fantastic city landmarks, vintage vibes, and exquisite dining scenes, Salt Lake City is one of the most idiosyncratic places in the United States. If you love skiing then Winter is the best time to visit Salt Lake City. Also, throughout the year you can explore varying places with your friends and family during weekends. Whether you visit the Casino capital Las Vegas or the beautiful Park City, you will definitely have some of the best weekend trips from Salt Lake City. This weekend trips guide is part of our USA Travel Guide. Here are the 31 best fun things to do in Iowa.

This guide on 11 Best Weekend trips from Salt Lake City will help you to explore some of the most wonderful places that are within a maximum of 6 hours drive from Salt Lake City. Most of the places are only 1 to 3 hours drive distance from the city.

Bonneville Salt Flats

Utah is one of the most exquisite states in the USA that has an abundance of nature within its cities and also in the outskirts. One of the nature-rich places in Utah and nearby Salt Lake City is Bonneville Salt flats. Nestled in the western side of Utah, Bonneville Salt Flats cover an enormous area with a rejuvenating environment. The flats are perfect and beautiful and located on the soiled land. 

The flats are situated amidst snow which is just astounding. But there is no space for vegetation growth. You can get the views of Salt Flats and these are totally isolated so that you can get private space. The Bonneville Salt Flats is officially reserved for amusement, entertainment, and public use. Here temperature exceeds 100 degrees Fahrenheit in Summer. Additionally, during winter temperature drops below 0 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Fishlake National Forest

Do you wish to spend weekends amidst a green oasis? It is situated above the junction in the Central parts of Utah. Fishlake National Forest has spectacular mountains, plateaus, hillocks and they offer a bewitching view of scenes and also you can enjoy a cool climate here too. 

You get an opportunity to explore a number of places and things here. Fishlake National Forest is a natural paradise for all travelers and it has scenic byways, wonderful aspen, and green forests. Likewise, there are numerous to-do activities here for you like river rafting, fishing, mountain biking, hiking, OHV use, snowmobiling, and lots of others. It is 3,000 acres of land full of lakes and reservoirs, outing regions, lakeside resorts, and aura to enjoy amidst greenery. 

Crystal Hot Springs

Situated in Honeyville, Crystal Hot Springs is the largest natural hot spring spot in the United States. It is located near Salt Lake City and it hardly takes 100 minutes to reach here. Likewise, it offers a variety of both cold as well as hot swimming pools and soaking pools. That’s very interesting. 

This property is open to the public 24/7 and for 365 days. This place includes 3 hot tubs, a chilled and freshwater swimming pool, an enormous soaker pool, lap pool, water slides. The temperature is fluctuating and it ranges from 65 to 135 degrees and it totally depends on the pool you choose. There is a campground that offers tent facilities and RV sites. You need to check out online about the timings as they get changed according to the season. 

Yellowstone National Park

During winter, plan your visit to the bewitching and evergreen Yellowstone National Park. The exciting thing about this national park is that it is the United States’s first-ever national park that has an exquisite and rich biodiversity. Likewise, it has unique geothermal features. This national park is home to some foreign animals such as Elks, Wolves, Grizzly bears, Bisons, and more. Besides, a visitor gets an opportunity to explore the beautiful landscape of the place and one can enjoy the activities like camping, kayaking, fishing and lots more. 

Moreover, you can explore the beautiful Grand Prismatic Spring, Grand Canyon, and nearby places. It has been declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Many people come here to swim in the hot springs that are warm and rejuvenating. Also, they have an opportunity to explore nature trails, natural geyser phenomenons, nearby wildlife species, and much more. 

Goblin Valley State Park

Goblin Valley State Park - Weekend trips from Salt Lake City

Cowboys were keenly searching for castles initially and they finally discovered Goblin Valley. Goblin Valley State Park is one of the coolest places one can ever visit in the Southern parts of Utah. It is a showcase of geological history and in 1964, it was officially declared as a state park. The stones in the park have a hardness and the patches are able to resist erosion much better than other rocks. 

There are thousands of unique, water erosion and geological goblins that people can actually see. The state park is made up of ample hoodoos, also known as goblins. Hoodoos are formed before hundreds of thousands of years by erosions and rains. Additionally, you can get to see elements and rocks that are more than 170 million years old. There is no good space for vegetation or farming and it is mostly hot here. Nevertheless, the place is worth the visit. 

Park City

Park City is located only an hour away from Salt Lake City. If you wish to visit a nature site just to gaze at the beautiful, serene, and vibrant mountains, Park City is the place in Utah. Combining its silver mining town heritage and beautiful artistic vibe accompanied by outdoor spaces, Park City is a classic example of luxury and comfort. Additionally, visitors can get to know about literature, athletics, sports, arts, and community. 

No matter how busy you are, you surely need to explore various restaurants that are situated in Park City’s Historic Main Street and nearby areas. You definitely want to relax after winding up a long hectic day. So there are several options here to enjoy such as whiskeys, whines, tequilas, and vodkas at the High West Distillery and Saloon. Recreation and outing can be done here well. Mountain biking, hiking, fishing, and several other activities can be done here well. 

Garden City

Garden City is around 120 miles from Salt Lake City. The city is located near the Idaho-Utah border. Garden City is one of the best places for Summer weekend trips from Salt Lake City. Bear Lake is a must-visit place if you are visiting Garden City. Do hiking, camping, and boating at Bear Lake. Do not forget to take photos of the beautiful Bear Lake and the surrounding mountains.

If you love to do Ski or snow sports, you can perform the same Beaver Mountain resort along with exploring 350 miles of well-maintained snowmobile trails. From the recreational to scenic and idyllic beauty, outdoor lovers will definitely love to visit this exquisite winter wonderland.

Cedar City

If you love to explore nature and if you love adventure sports, then Cedar City is the place you can visit. This place is around 250 miles from Salt Lake City. There are plenty of things you can explore and experience here in Cedar City such as national parks, ski resorts, snowy resorts, the arts scene, national forests and so much more. 

You can explore places like nearby National parks, Brian Head Resort, National Forest & Public Lands, the Neil Simon Festival, Shakespeare Festival, and lots more. Cedar City gives the space for hiking, recreational activities, biking, and lots more. Additionally, it has a majestic amphitheater made up of sandstone, limestone, shale, and exquisite elements. It offers stunning views of nature and you can take plenty of images for your Instagram feed. 

Heber Valley Railroad

Only less than an hour drive from Salt Lake City, you can reach the magnificent Heber Valley Railroad which is one of the most prominent and beautiful places nestled in Heber Valley. It is along 16-mile tracks nestled between Vivian Park and the valley. It ends near Vivian Park in Provo Canyon and that definitely offers spectacular scenery here. 

Here, scenic beauty and seasonal activities are available greatly. Also, you can explore natural excursions that include Monday Night Train, Murder Mystery, North Pole Express, Tube ‘n’ Train, and lots more. Experience the cool winds from the green agricultural fields across Provo River and along the foothills of the beautiful Wasatch mountains and nearby regions. You can further explore Provo Rivulet that features bald and wild eagles, deer, elk, rainbow trout, and lots more. 


Springdale is around 300 miles from Salt Lake City. This amazing place is also known as the gateway to scenery and adventure, Springdale is different from normal Zion National Park. The enchanting town is filled with 500 awesome homes and millions of visitors come throughout the year. 

Springdale is famous for its native and fine arts, crafts, and beautiful galleries. Also, you can explore David J Gallery that is spectacular and captures the canyon’s majesty. Springdale is an ideal place to explore monuments, parks, recreational regions and so much more. 

Las Vegas

Visiting Las Vegas from Salt Lake City would be the longest weekend trip from Salt Lake City. But, If you love casinos and lots of mocktail parties, then Las Vegas is for you. Las Vegas is a dream place for many travelers. Vacation needs to be relaxing, fun, and rejuvenating especially if you are in Las Vegas. So why not plan a getaway and just get going? You can explore a number of scenic natural places and casinos, bars, and restaurants. Likewise, it is a party hub to chill out with friends and loved ones.