11 Best Campsites For Families in Australia

Australia is one of the most scenic places on earth, and there are so many things that would attract you to this beautiful country. There are great beaches, amazing parks, great coastal views, and the best weather. Apart from all these things, Australia is one of those places where you can access some of the most amazing camping spots. 

There are so many places to have fun and explore. You can choose the outback where you can enjoy a different kind of life. There are beaches too where you can enjoy camping on the white sands as you enjoy the water. Australia is one of those places where you can interact with nature. 

Some of the campsites are free of charge. For others, you will require to make a booking well in advance, especially the most popular ones. Regardless of your choice, plan well in advance, pack the most necessary things, get acquainted with what to expect, choose your site, and enjoy the best time. 

1. Esperance, Western Australia

This small town is situated in Western Australia. Esperance is a major highlight of the area, and many people find it a fascinating and enchanting place to be. You can enjoy sparkling waters and the best sandy beaches stretching for miles in this town. This is the best place for coastal views and bushwalks.

There are many oceanside spots to set up camp, such as lucky bay, and enjoy the area. Before camping, it is always important to find out the camping guidelines and adhere to the rules. There are sites where you are not allowed to light fires or disturb the natural ecosystem.

There are registered sites in the area. There are so many free camps within the golden outback, and you could consider going there as well. This is one of the areas with some of the most charming landscapes and outback plains, and untouched forests to explore. 

2. Alpine Village in Jindabyne

Jindabyne is another amazing place to camp in Australia. There are many spots where you can set up and enjoy your time here. There are also many places to access accommodation in Jindabyne.

You can choose to take in the outdoors on camping sites and caravans. There is always a good accommodation option in the area. Alpine village is just at the edge of the lake. This is the best place to enjoy your camping escapades all through the year. There are lots of activities you can enjoy while camping in the area. This includes boating, angling, mountain biking, and skiing.

3. Grampians National Park, Victoria

This is a nature reserve park that is situated in Victoria. One of the most remarkable things about Grampians national park is the sandstone mountains. There is also an abundance of wildlife which includes wallabies and echidnas.

There are wildflowers as well. While in the area, make a point to visit Brambuk aboriginal cultural centre and get a chance to witness rock art and aboriginal history. You can go hiking and witness waterfalls and get views of the area.

This is one of the most beautiful landscapes you will ever witness. Being surrounded by nature gives you a connection with nature and allows you to embrace the simplicity of life. 

4. Jervis Bay, New South Wales

Jervis bay is the ideal place to go dolphin-watching. You can also take some amazing sand walks on the beaches in the area. There are many natural attractions around the area, including Booderee national park and Jervis Bay Marine Park.

There is a chance to hike in the clifftop trails and take in the amazing wildlife while camping. You can also enjoy swimming, snorkeling, and scuba diving in the area. There are different options when it comes to accommodation. You can pick hotels, caravans, or camping for an intimate date with nature. 

5. Flinders Ranges, South Australia

Driving through these ranges feels so alien because it is unexplored. There are deep craters and ancient cliffs in this area that border some dusty red roads. There are so many things to see and do in flinders ranges.

Aerial tours are possible in the area. You can also choose to explore by driving through the dreaming trail. This area can be one of the greatest highlights of your journey. You can enjoy the best accommodation or go camping. It is one of the greatest ways of experiencing life the Australian way. Planning ahead of the trip in the area can save you alit of time and trouble in the end. 

6. Blue Mountains, New South Wales

The blue mountains are another great place to behold. This mountain range is in New South Wales. This region is close to the metropolitan area of Sydney. The blue mountains are made of plateau escarpments and mountain ranges stretching for quite a long distance.

There are several towns in the area. The mountains are a world heritage site as identified by UNESCO. They get that natural blue haze from the abundant eucalyptus trees. When you pick this area for camping, there are a wide array of adventures you can engage in. The area is very scenic. You can ride into Jamison valley using the steep railway.  

7. Daintree National Park, Queensland

Daintree national park has two sections. These are Cape Tribulation and Mossman Gorge. The Mossman River is situated here, and it has crystal clear waters cascading over the Mossman gorge over beautiful granite boulders. Cape Tribulation has mountains covered by rainforest sweeping down the sandy beaches.

It’s an aboriginal region and has some fascinating camping sites that you can take advantage of. There are picnic tables, options for campervan camping, camper trailer camping, and tent camping. It’s a good place for walking and hiking.

You should note that free camping is not allowed in the national pack. Anyone caught camping without the necessary authorization faces fines. Most camping sites don’t allow campfires in the national park.

8. Kalbarri, Western Australia

Kalbarri is another fascinating area that you can choose for your camping adventures in the region. You may be traveling in a camper trailer or a caravan, or whether you choose to set up a tent, there are so many parks and sites that you can select here.

There is the option of onsite Chablet or caravan. It is a place ideal for groups, families, and young couples. The area has great natural surroundings and open spaces to enjoy. The star-filled night sky is always a delight. 

9. Margaret River, Western Australia

Margaret River is situated in Western Australia. There are registered camping grounds and caravan parks in this area, and no one is allowed to camp outside those areas. You can camp within designated grounds on the car parks, roadsides, beaches, local reserves, or national parks.

You can enjoy many activities in the area, including surfing. It is a great tourist attraction, especially because of wine production. In the past, this was a great agricultural land and was renowned for this and the production of hardwood timber. The main agricultural produce in the area is herbs. 

10. Millaa Millaa, Queensland

Millaa Millaa is a small town situated in Queensland. The locals in the area are aborigines. Jere, the main street is wide and is bedecked by some amazing bushes and flower displays. The waterfall circuit is the major highlight in this area.

Camping in the area is a great idea, and there are many things that one can engage in. you could choose to take walks, visit lions park, visit the historical museums, or visit the botanical garden. 

Apart from these places, you cannot miss visiting the abundant waterfalls in this area. They are a major highlight here. Take time to explore and take in the area. However, planning and following camping rules are important. 

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11. Coffs Harbour, New South Wales

The city is on the mid-north coast and stands among the largest centers in the area. Tourism is one of the most important activities taking over from agriculture and timber production. The area is well developed and has many national parks, such as the marine national parks.

The area is easily accessible, and there are regular flights to and from different regions of Australia. There are many camping grounds to enjoy the fresh air and nature. There are on-site campsites, or you can choose to take advantage of pre-pitched tents in different areas for convenience.