5 Things You Must Know About Santa Monica Before Planning a Trip

The pandemic has landed a heavy blow to the global tourism industry. The tourism sector has always been one of the top revenue-generating businesses in the world.

Surrounded by picturesque mountains, Santa Monica is home to multiple beautiful beaches. It is a typical urban beach city in the US and a hotspot for tourists throughout the year.

According to the Santa Monica Daily Press report, before the pandemic began, the place generated tourist revenue of up to $ 1.8 million.

You can check the internet to know all about Santa Monica, the perfect hang-out spot for frequent travelers. Here are the things to know before you plan your next vacation to Santa Monica.

The Santa Monica Pier

Located at the foot of Colorado Avenue, this large pier offers many attractions for tourists. It hosts many fairground games, a beautiful aquarium, and regular outdoor film and music festivals. It also houses the Pacific Park, which is one of the most famous amusement parks in the city.

Located at the beach level, you cannot afford to miss visiting the Heal The Bay Aquarium. With interactive exhibits of various marine life, the aquarium inspires and educates visitors on the value of environmental sustainability.

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The Santa Monica State Beach

The Santa Monica beach is the soul of the city. It usually gives a festive vibe with a huge number of people walking along the stretch. There are paved walkways and amazing restaurants on the beach that offer delicious food and beverages. Adventurous people can also go surfing on the beaches.

Established in the early 1930s, the Original Muscle Beach is one of the top tourist spots in the city. Crowds gather to watch the acrobatic feats of trained gymnasts at the beach.

Winter Hikes

If you love hiking, you should plan a trip to Santa Monica. It offers fascinating hiking options, especially for the fall and winter. You can come across a varied range of plants and animal species when you go hiking in the famous Santa Monica Mountains.

The Farmers Market

First opened in 1981, Santa Monica’s four city-run farmers markets are famous places to visit in the city’s heart. They sell a unique range of fruits and vegetables that are grown organically without using any pesticides. The longest farmer markets are held on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Arts and Culture

Santa Monica is famous for its museums and art galleries. When you search the internet to know all about Santa Monica, you can find that the city proudly showcases a wide variety of art and culture.

A branch of the New York City gallery is the L&M Arts. It is home to a variety of public art and sculptures. Bergamot is another unique tourist spot in the Californian city. It is an old train depot that displays around 35 art galleries.

This isn’t all that Santa Monica has to offer. If you are looking forward to a luxurious vacation with amazing adventures, Santa Monica should be the next place on your bucket list. We hope this guide will help you in next trip to Santa Monica.