Reasons to Buy a Teardrop Trailer for Adventure Trips

If you are a fan of the outdoors and are always up for a spontaneous adventure trip over the weekend, then you should look into the opportunity of a teardrop camper for sale. These campers are best known for their small but sturdy built, compact footprint, customizable options and ease of use, among others.

As per KPMG’S report, domestic tourism in Australia has seen a spike with people gaining flexibility in their working conditions. As a result, short road trips will be the preferred mode of vacation for many travellers.  

The article will look at teardrop campers and why they should be a part of your adventure trips.  

What is a Teardrop Camper?

The camper gets its name due to the general shape of the structure; it is round on one end and tapers towards the opposite end. If you are not a fan of an RV, then you can opt for a teardrop camper. Unlike trailers or RVs, these campers can be easily towed by your average car. 

Small in size, these campers are highly customizable. They can range from 139 inches to 21 feet in length, depending on the brand you choose. 

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Reasons to Buy a Teardrop Trailer for Adventure Trips

Easy to Tow

In the case of trailers or RVs, you might need specialized trucks and hitches to keep them secure. When looking at a teardrop camper for sale, know that they are one of the lightest options available and can be easily towed by most average cars.


Depending on how you travel, solo, as a couple, or with your family, there are many design options at your disposal. For example, there are teardrop campers with good space to fit in a bed and a small and functional kitchen. Or you could switch out the bed space for a dining area for your family. 

Convenience and Comfort

You could drive out to the camping site, enjoy the outdoors and at night choose to sleep peacefully in your teardrop camper. There are models available with side doors and screens, which lets you enjoy the beautiful sunrise or sunset right from the comfort of the cosy camper interiors. 

These campers are also a safe companion on your adventure trips. They have door locking mechanisms built-in and enough insulation to provide you with a comfortable living space.


If you frequently go camping or once in a while, there are teardrop campers available for every budget and traveller. However, depending on the features you are looking for, and what upgrades you might want to invest in, the prices may vary.

The cheapest teardrop campers can start around the $5000 to $10,000 range. With additional features, the price can go up to $20,000 to $40,000.

Make Your Weekends Fun

With a teardrop camper, you can pack your supplies, load them up in the camper and are ready to go. With them being lightweight, you can take your camper anyplace where your car can go. In addition, there are several design options available when it comes to the interior of the camper.

So, if you are eyeing a teardrop camper for sale, make that purchase to make your adventure trips fun and safe.