Best time to visit Andaman Nicobar islands

Andaman Nicobar islands are one of the most popular tourist destinations of India. It is located on the East side of India and it is very nearer to Indonesia. If you are looking for the best destination to go away from hustle and bustle of regular life then visit these Andaman Nicobar islands. The best time to visit Andaman and Nicobar islands is from the months of November to April. In this article you will get information about Andaman weather, places to visit in Andaman Nicobar islands and many more information which is more than enough for your Andaman Nicobar travel.

Best time to visit Andaman for budget travellers

You can make this trip within your budget by choosing cheap hotel deals in Andaman. From months of May to September is off-season in Andaman. You can get your hotel rooms as less as 10 USD or 700 INR. Also, local give rooms on rent which is a better option to stay in Andaman. November to January is peak season in Andaman when accommodation rates go slightly higher. You can also stay in Oyo rooms in Andaman for a quality stay. I recommend you to check the first flight booking in Skyscanner. After that, you can check your hotels on the right side hotel search box to make travel within your budget. This tip will surely make your Andaman Nicobar travel within your budget. You will get the best flight deals of Andaman from Chennai and Kolkata.

Best time to visit Andaman for scuba diving

When you want to experience this water sports activity then you should visit when the sea is calm and clear. Andaman has tropical weather and at the time of Monsoon, you find sea with high tides and it makes your vision unclear in the sea. So this activity in good weather which will make this experience more enjoyable and wonderful. The best time to visit Andaman for scuba diving is January to May. Furthermore, the month of March to May is one of the best time to do scuba diving in Andaman. At this time you will get seawater like a mirror. So if you are going to do scuba diving the first time then visit Andaman from March to May. Underwater scooters are the best to experience this water sport activity.

Best time to visit Andaman for Honeymoon

Best time to visit Andaman for Honeymoon
Honeymoon in Andaman

If you are going to choose Andaman for honeymoon then it will be a wise choice. Many honeymooners come here to make their trip of a lifetime. memory. If budget is not a big problem at all then visit Andaman in-between months from November to April. Make your itinerary in advance so you can get the best of Andaman by avoiding wasting time

Best time to visit Havelock Island

Snorkelling Best time to visit Andaman
Snorkelling in Andaman

Winter is the best time to visit Havelock Island. At this time of year, you can do any water sports activities. Also, weather in Havelock island remains pleasant at this time. The month of December to February is the best time to visit Havelock Island. Let’s some best things to do in Havelock Andaman.

Best time to visit Neil Island Andaman

October to March is the best time to visit Neil Island Andaman. Neil Island is also called Swaraj Dweep. In Andaman, you would feel tropical winter and so the weather in Neil Island remain pleasant which makes your travel plan better. There are many places to visit in Neil Island like Laxmanpur Beach, Sitapur Beach, Bharatpur Beach, Sir Hugh Rose Island and Ramnagar Beach. All the beaches name on Neil Island are from the Ramayana characters Ram, Laxman, Sita and Bharat.

Best seasons to visit Andaman

Winter is the best season to visit Andaman. There are three seasons in a year in Andaman. Andaman has tropical weather so you may feel two different seasons at the same time.

Winter in Andaman

In Andaman, Winter starts from December and ends in February.

Summer in Andaman

Summer starts from March and ends in May in Andaman.

Monsoon in Andaman

The third season, Monsoon starts in June and ends in November in Andaman.