Best Fun things to do in Duqm Oman

Duqm is a port town in the Sultanate of Oman. In a few years, the number of construction projects is started in Duqm. What you see Duqm now and in the future is very different. If you are wondering what to do in Duqm during your visit, the best fun things to do in Duqm Oman, or how to reach Duqm then here you will get all answers.

Where is Duqm?

Duqm is located on the eastern coast of Oman in Al Wusta Governorate. It is 540 Km from Oman capital Muscat in South East.

How to reach Duqm Oman?

The easiest way to reach Duqm is from the Muscat. From Muscat Mwasalat bus, private bus available. There are also regular flights from Muscat to Duqm.

things to do in Duqm
On the Way to Duqm

Fun things to do in Duqm Oman

Rock Garden

Rock Garden in Duqm is one of the famous places to visit and explore. It is a geological site in Oman. It has precious and natural treatments of the beautiful city Duqm of the Sultanate of Oman. This beguiling site has enormous unique rock formations. This place has an interesting history and archaeological facts of over 46 million years old. 

The sculptures are made around with limestone and sandstone. It is said that these sculptures are shaped by water, wind, ice, and several natural elements for about more than a million years. You must visit this captivating sight in Duqm city. 

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Al Shu’ir beach

Situated almost 20 km from Central Duqm, Al Shu’ir or Al Shuwaeir Beach is blissfully neat and covered with golden sands and the wonderful azure of Arabian Sea Waters. There are ample fishermen’s abodes and has no luxury resort, romantic space for beautiful. Young couples or trip vibes. But there is an eye-soothing place to play and relax in peace. You can visit here during winter hours. 

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Barr Al Hikman

Nestled approximately 500 km to Muscat, Barr Al Hikman is indeed a beautiful location for extensive activities like bird-watching. There are many bird species present and you will love to watch them all. This is Oman’s best water lagoon where you can perform several water sports like diving, fishing. You can also get dining facilities here. Also, if you wish to perform Kiteboarding, visit here. 

Al Wusta Wildlife Reserve

Prominently known as the home to Arabian Oryx, Al Wusta Wildlife Reserve is nestled in the middle of a spectacular and beautiful desert spot. It is a magnificent desert with over 600 animals. Al Wusta Wildlife Reserve is one of the “most visited” places in Oman. 

The Sugar Dunes of Al Khaluf:

Prominently known as the White Desert, Sugar Dunes, or Al Khaluf Dunes is a natural site in Oman. Known for its astounding beauty, the white sugar in the Al Khaluf is most alluring and pure. The sand dunes are very soft and exposed to strong winds constantly. This is a must-visit place in Oman. 

Umm Al Samim – Rub Al Khali (The Empty Quarter)

Popular as one of the largest sand desert on the planet, the Rub Al Khali or Empty Quarter is filled with wildlife. You can encounter reptiles, tiny mammals, birds, and some other living creatures. Umm Al Samim is a saltmarsh stretch explored by a handful of travelers. You can explore this stupendous place any time and take the help of a guide to explore.

Ras Markaz

Known as Ras Markaz Crude Oil Park, Ras Markaz is World Hub for the Crude Oil. Duqm’s special economic zone and oil terminal Ras Markaz has a capacity to store a whopping 6 million barrels. Ras Markaz is also a white sand beach where travelers can spend quality moments with their loved ones and kids can play throughout the day. 

Further, they are trying to increase storage space. Ras Markaz is one of the famous strategic projects. Implementation and work are ongoing. They are targeting to store all types of crude oil in enormous economic diversification. It also includes admin offices, laboratories for testing, control rooms for smooth operations. 

Hotels in Duqm – Rooms on rent in Duqm Oman

There are few options in Duqm Oman currently for staying if you are traveling. We are giving you a list of hotels in Duqm here. You can book hotels by clicking below the map and also check prices.

Crown Plaza Duqm

Crown Plaza Duqm is located on the beautiful beach. You can enjoy your stay here at an affordable price.

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Park Inn Duqm

Park Inn Duqm and Crown Plaza Duqm are located are in the nearby location on the Duqm beach.

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City Hotel Duqm

The City Hotel is my favorite one. It is located near the main city area. Also, it is the nearest hotel from Duqm city. It has all the facilities like a swimming pool, wifi, and Gym.

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Duqm Suites

Duqm suites apartment is also good accommodation for a long stay in Duqm.

Transport in Duqm

Air transport is the easiest way to reach Duqm. Also, it is the quickest way to reach Duqm in less time. In Duqm airport, Oman air has already started many flights to Muscat.

Also, Muscat to Duqm bus service is available. Mwasalat operates buses for travel to Duqm from Muscat. There are currently two intercity buses daily for travelling from Muscat to Duqm and travelling from Duqm to Muscat.

You can also drive from Muscat to Duqm by car. Please fill your tank full as very few gas stations are available in this long route.

Salalah to Duqm distance is around 600 km. Salalah to Duqm you can come by taxi or you can travel by bus. For bus contact Mwasalat as you have to change bus to reach Duqm from Salalah.

Haima Oman is a connecting point to change the bus to travel Salalah from Duqm.

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