Best time to visit Ireland – Best time to travel to Ireland

Ireland is a bewitching island that lies in the North Atlantic. Nestled in the heart of the wild Atlantic, Ireland offers a haven of picturesque sights, stunning tracks, lush greeneries, splendid blue waterways, and exotic restaurants. Moreover, Ireland has a fantastic rural heartland that stretches from the banks of River Shannon that bisects the Island into various provinces as well as counties. The best time to visit Ireland is between March and June as well as September to November. These both are the ideal months to visit Ireland as it is not so crowded and also it is not less hot than Summer. While planning a trip to Ireland, see this useful checklist. Let’s get brief information for the best time to travel to Ireland.

Moreover, September to November is a little chilled as its wintertime. Also, there are minor fluctuations in the weather. As a result, it is the ideal and best time to visit Ireland. If you want to visit Ireland with a rented car then check this driving in Ireland guide. It describes all the important things you need to know about driving in Ireland.

You can also visit Ireland in Wintertime as it is low season for tourists when you can explore cities and other attractions by avoiding the crowd. Besides, you may save a sizable sum of money on hotels while travelling not in the peak tourist season. Please check and investigate before seeing Ireland in Winter because you might come across some tourist attractions shut during that period of the year. For your this Ireland tour, pack light with this Backpacking Europe Packing List.

With idyllic and scenic beauty, the good time to visit Ireland is also during vibrant festivals when you can experience the real beauty of Ireland. Likewise, lively Irish festivities help you to explore beautiful natural scenic, fresh and lush green farms, comfy and dwell bars and lots more. No matter where you are in Ireland, there is always something unique to explore here. Don’t forget to check these travel tips when you are in Europe.

Best time to visit Ireland for budget travelers

City in Ireland

There is no perfect time to Ireland. You can visit anytime you would like to go. However, please visit Ireland outside of St, Patrick’s Day, as well as Christmas festivities. Ireland’s exhilarating and drizzly winters are one of the cheapest and best time of the year to visit Ireland. You can get your flight tickets at more competitive rates. You should make a plan for Ireland journey with this 10 days Ireland itinerary which covers all wonderful locations of Ireland.

Moreover, most of the accommodations may offer special discounts and off-season rates during the chilled season. Also, take note that you may find some hotels closed until the spring season. To book your stay and get the best deals in hotels, please check right side search box.

Best time to travel to Ireland for Good Weather

As we mentioned before, Ireland’s weather is uncertain and has fluctuations, but not at an extreme level. The temperature goes as high as 70 F in summer. Whereas, winters barely falls below the freezing point. For the rest of the year, you can see the vibrant sun and cloudy skies. Ireland road trip itinerary is very helpful to visit Ireland in a unique way in this nice weather.

July and August are brighter days while November to February days is dark and cold in Ireland. But these days can be cosier and pleasant. However, Ireland is an island, and summer days are best to visit famous beaches in Ireland like Inch, Keem, Port Stewart beaches and more. Do not forget to visit these game of thrones filming locations during your Ireland visit.

Best time to visit Dublin Ireland

Best time to visit Dublin Ireland
Dublin Ireland

Known for the traditional pubs, Dublin is a beautiful city, rich in heritage and fascinating museums. It is a great city that gives creative music scenes, green spaces and lots more. It is a compact city that offers historic Churches, leafy parks, Mountains and lots more. If you are a food lover then you should not miss this Dublin’s secret food tour while visiting Dublin.

The best time to visit Dublin Ireland is during April or May when spring starts. Even October is the best time to go to Dublin. June and August are peak months in Ireland to visit, also the prices of flights, hotels will be higher. However, you should carry warm clothes because the city remains chilled for the entire year. This Ireland 2 days in Dublin itinerary is best if you are going to visit Dublin in the weekend.

Best time to visit Killarney National Park Ireland

Nestled on one of the highest Irish mountains, Killarney National Park has moderate temperature throughout the year. The summers are mild and pleasant whereas winters are cool. The rainfalls are moderate that makes the Killarney look beautiful. Best time to visit Killarney National Park Ireland in September and May when the atmosphere remains pleasant and you can avoid the crowd. Moreover, autumns here are also exotic making an ideal time to visit.

Killarney National Park
Killarney National Park

Technically, summers are the perfect season to visit Killarney, but you can visit here anytime. Carry umbrella during autumn as it rains here more often.

There are also many places to visit in Ireland like the Ring of Kerry, the island blessed with scenic beauty and jaw-dropping water views. Glendalough is a mysterious and historic Irish site. It offers plentiful wildlife experience, fascinating scenery and lots more. Exploring county Clare on horseback is also must do things in Ireland.

The Book of Kells and Trinity College in Dublin is one of the oldest attractions of Dublin. It has an enormous library for its students and also possesses own beauty. Visiting the Cliffs of Moher, one of the popular travel destinations in Ireland should be in your Ireland itinerary. April to August is busiest months for this tourist attraction. So plan your trip accordingly. Loop Head is best Cliffs of Moher alternative if you are searching less crowded destination. It has idyllic scenic beauty and it is also one of the most visited places in Ireland.

Best time to visit Ireland by Months


January month is the off-season for Irish. Moreover, the places of attractions and other outdoor sites have limited working hours. The rainy times and winter nights after Christmas are the ideal time to visit. The hotel rates also dropdown. January 6 is the Women’s Christmas celebration day in Ireland. You can visit the Irish music festival Temple Bar TradFest in January. Visit Guinness Storehouse Ireland in January to save your time as it is not long queue for tickets in this time of year. Days in January are short at the start of the month with 7 and a half hour in Ireland and gradually increases to 9 hours at the end of January month.


Wish to spend a cosy and pleasant time in pubs during February? Yes, you can but February month is dreary and warm. February has 40-degree temperature and days are shorter and outdoor activities can be a little risky. Valentine’s day February 14 is the best time to travel to Ireland to explore the Whitefriar Street Carmelite Church. Daylength in February is 9 hours to 11 hours in February.

Cliffs of Moher Ireland


March is a little monotonous month for Ireland except for mid-March holiday. St.Patrick’s day is a big festive time here, and the prices for flights and hotels go up. However, you can experience more celebrations on the Emerald Isle. Moreover, Easter is an exotic time to visit Ireland. In March daylength in Ireland increases to 13 hours at the end of the month in Ireland.


After finishing the winter hibernation days, things become exciting in Ireland. The summers are more with 50-60 degrees. Spring is the best season to visit Ireland. Sometimes Easter comes in March whereas April, you can go here during these days. Days become long in April with a daylength of 15 hours by the end of the month in April.


May is a challenging month to visit Ireland. It is one of the hottest months of Ireland. The temperature may go around 65- 67 degree. However, early summer days and spring days can be an idyllic time to rediscover the countryside and national parks. Fleadh Nua festival takes place in the town of Ennis during May. You can also attend events during Labour Day. Daylength in May is maximum 16 and a half hours in Ireland in May.


June days means back to school. This month gets crowded as the summer holidays come to an end and schools begin. However, there will be many spaces empty to explore here. Hotel prices start to increase but book it early. June 16 is a Blooms Day is mostly in Dublin Ireland for the life on James Joyes. His Novel Ulysses comes on the same day. Ennis Street Festival also comes in June. The longest days in Ireland you can enjoy in June with 17 hours daylength.

Blarney Castle in Ireland
Blarney Castle in Ireland


July is another warmest month in Ireland. The temperature goes above 60 degrees. July is the month where you explore the idyllic natural wonders. Days are as long as 16 hours. City art festival takes place here during the second half of July. From July daylength in Ireland decreases. Days go shorter to 16 hours in July.


August is also one of the warmest and busiest months in Ireland. There are many festivities and events here. So, prices for hotels and flights rise. There are several events you can check here like Rose of Tralee, Puck Fair, FleadhCheoilnahEireann and lots more. At the end of August daylength in Ireland decreases to 14 hours.


September is one of the best times to visit Ireland. In September, there is a lot of crowd due to the mega event Galway Oyster Festival. Furthermore, there are lots of outdoor activities to enjoy. Daylength in September is minimum 11 and a half hour in Ireland.


October is another pleasant month, and the temperature goes around 50s in Ireland. In this month, you can find exciting deals on the hotel booking. Moreover, you can enjoy the Dingle Food Festival here. It serves delicious foods to the food-lovers. In October day length decreases to 9 and a half hour in Ireland.

Best time to travel to Ireland
Bar in Ireland


November is more of a romantic month as it’s the time for chilled winters. In November, you can enjoy Saint Martin’s day, and there is a grand celebration launched in Ireland. At the end of November, day length becomes 8 hours in Ireland.


Dublin cheers and exhilarates in December. Christmas is the main festivity that catches the attraction of travelers. It is also the peak season to visit Ireland. However, one must make sure to carry enough warm clothes due to chilled winters. The shortest days in Ireland are in December with 7 and a half hour day length. From December, day length starts to rise till June.

So, we are sure that this information can guide you and give you a sufficient idea about visiting Ireland and nearby places. Nearby places include Scotland, England, and other areas.