Best time to visit Spain – Best time to travel to Spain

Spain is the third-largest country in Europe. It is also the world’s second most visited country with 82 million visitors per year. The country is very popular among international tourists. The highest visitors in Spain come from countries like the United States, Germany, France, and Italy. Countries that share a border with are Spain Portugal, France, Morocco, Gibraltar, and Andorra. To decide the best time to visit Spain, we need to consider many factors. During your Spain tour, which tourist places you want to cover and in which activities you want to get involved and many other factors. The best time to travel to Spain is the months of April and October. Let’s get brief information about Spain travel. But before that, if you’re looking for alternative flying methods that help you avoid full airplanes and large airports, read this article for the best private jet charters

Here you will also get information about which tourist place is most suitable to visit weatherwise. Due to the large country, you will find a slight change in climate conditions in North to South and West to East Spain. For your European tour, use a great wheeled backpack. It is very useful for any type of travel

Best time to visit Spain for Budget Travelers

If you want to see the world or you are a full-time traveler or you are on a family trip, to fulfill your travel dreams and get the best memories for the life you need to travel with a low budget. The budget for Spain is different depends on which time you are going to visit Spain. The peak season in Spain is in July and August month during vacation time when lots of tourists from Europe and the rest of the world come to Spain to enjoy holidays. You have to stand in queue for tickets of different tourist places like museums, churches. It becomes difficult to find calm beaches for getting relax on vacation during this time of year in Spain. If you are visiting the capital city then also you can do these best day trips from Madrid. Also, these day trips you can enjoy within your budget.

Ibiza- best time to visit Spain
Ibiza Spain

To avoid this rush of tourists and getting the best price in accommodation and flight tickets, you should not visit July and August. In my opinion, January, February, October, and November are the best fit for budget travelers. At this time you can get a huge discount on hotels, flights. This time you can also visit cities like Madrid and an ancient city Toledo and can do the city tour. If you are planning to visit the world-famous Alhambra palace then book your tickets in three months’ advance.

Best time to travel to Spain beach destinations

Summer is very hot in Spain when the temperature goes up to 100°F and it is unbearable to visit beaches in the day time and you will not feel comfortable if you visit in the afternoon time. April and October is the most suitable month to visit Spain’s most amazing and sandy beach destinations. At that time the water temperature is normal to swim and also you can do sunbathing without worry. Ibiza, Alicante, Cadiz, Benidorm, and Palma have the best beaches in Spain. Also, Barcelona has beautiful beaches. 3 days in Barcelona itinerary is best for a short trip to the city during the weekend.

Surfing - best time to travel to Spain

With 5000 km of a long coastline, Spain is also famous for its surf destinations. Tarifa, Canary Islands, Fuerteventura, Lanzarote are the best spots in Spain for surfing and kite surfing. Surfing is popular all around the year in Spain but the best time of surfing is winter months from November to February.

Best time to visit Spain for enjoying festivals and events

Spain is very popular with tourists for its festivals and events. Spain has festivals all over the year which attracts travelers. There are lots of people gather for events and festivals at one place so if you are visiting Spain then you must consider the time of festivals and its location. You can enjoy traditional Spanish food and Spanish deserts and Cakes during popular events.

If you are going to celebrate any of the festivals then book your hotels in advance in a proper location where quick transport available. The second option, if you are not interested to visit any of the events then make a plan to visit different places then where festivals and events are organized. This tip will help you to make your travel comfortable. If you are in Madrid in May then you should miss San Isidro’s Feast Day celebration on May 15.

La Tomatina

First, we will talk about the world-famous festival La Tomatina. Buñol, Valencia in East Spain celebrates this festival in a unique style which makes it world-famous. It comes at the end of August month. This year it will come on 28th August. To participate in this festival you have to buy tickets in advance. Also ticket available with travel from major cities of Spain to Buñol. If you are visiting the city Valencia for the festival then this one day in Valencia Itinerary is best for making a travel plan.

San Fermin- best time to visit Spain
San Fermín celebration Spain

San Fermín

Another popular festival which is held in Pamplona, Navarra, Spain is San Fermín. Maybe you do not know the name, San Fermin. But, I bet you have seen this amazing long event of bull run minimum one time in life. Spain celebrates the festival from July 6 and it will end on the midnight of July 14. Bull run event is organized from July 7 to July 14 when bulls are run in the streets of Pamplona. Many tourists and locals participate in this wonderful event.

Semana Santa

In Spain, people celebrate Easter with centuries-old traditional style. The holy week Semana Santa there is a parade by carrying massive thrones of Jesus and the Vergin Marry. Viewing this event is a lifetime memory. This event is organized in all around Spain. One of the best Easter celebrations, you will find in Cartagena Spain. So if you are coming in April during Easter time then do not forget to watch the event in Spanish style.

Best time to visit Barcelona

best time to visit Spain
La Sagrada Familia

Barcelona is the most visited city in Spain. To visit this amazing city you have to avoid Summer months. Actually, May, June, and October is the best time to visit Barcelona. At this time temperature moves around 70°F in Barcelona. If you visiting Barcelona to attend any festival and events then choose your month with event calendar. For the best travel experience in Barcelona, check these five days in Barcelona itinerary. Barcelona is also the hub of the most popular club in football, FC Barcelona. You can enjoy a football match during your visit but you have to plan accordingly the match schedule. La Sagrada Familia, Parc Güell, The Ramblas, Gothic Quarter and Port Vell are among the best places to visit in Barcelona.

Best time to visit Madrid

The best time to visit Madrid is during March, April, September, and October. The temperature in Madrid ranges from 60 to 70 in March and April months. Some of the best things to do in Madrid are visiting different places like Royal Palace Madrid, El Retiro Park, National Archaeological Museum, Plaza MayorThe Prado, and many more. Madrid Marathon is organized in March. For cheap flights to Madrid and amazing hotel deals, you should plan your trip to Madrid in March and April. Also, September and October are good months to visit Madrid when the temperature is a minimum of 50 and also it is not peak season in Madrid. You can visit different places by simply walk on Madrid streets. Check this Enjoy Madrid at a slower pace post of my friend to explore Madrid. While you Madrid trip, don’t forget to do Hop on Hop off bus tour which is very popular among tourists.

Best time to visit Seville

One of the most popular places to visit in Spain, Seville is located in Southern Spain. The best time to visit Seville is the Spring and Autumn seasons. You can visit Seville for Tablaos and Flamenco Shows throughout the year. Top places to visit in Seville Spain are Plaza de España, Seville Cathedral, La Giralda, Real Alcázar, and many more. A road trip in Southern Spain is best to explore all the tourist places. Make a plan to visit all Game of Thrones Seville Filming Locations. You can take a day trip to Cadiz which is Port city on the Southern coast.

Monthwise guide for the best time to visit Spain

Let’s look at Spain monthly weather and other month-wise details so you would get a better idea of planning a trip to Spain. Anytime you visit Spain but do not forget to check this backpacking Europe Packing List for preparing your bag.

Here we are giving approximately temperature and other data for making your Spain travel plan. After deciding your month of travel, check all weather conditions as per your places to visit. Always stay updated with weather conditions.

Spain in January

In the month of January, day length in Spain is around 9 hours. Also, it increases to 10 hours at the end of January. The temperature in January is Maximum around 50 F to 60 F and Minimum around 34 F to 45 F in Spain. You can imagine as it is a very cool atmosphere in January. Enjoying skiing in January is a good idea. Also, you can minimise the travel cost by visiting Spain in winter.

Spain in February

In the month of January, day length in Spain is around 9 hours. Also, it increases to 10 hours at the end of January. The temperature in January is Maximum around 50 F to 60 F and Minimum around 34 F to 45 F in Spain. You can imagine as it is a very cool atmosphere in January. Enjoying skiing in January is a good idea. Also, you can minimise the travel cost by visiting Spain in winter.

Spain in March

The Spring in Spain starts in March. Daylength in March rises to more than 12 hours in March which will give you more time around the city. Also, check hours as the clock changes one hour in this time of year. The temperature in February remains around 30 F to 40 F as Minimum and 55 F to 66 F in Spain.

Spain in April

The temperature in April goes around Minimum 33 F to 40 F and Maximum up to 70 F in some areas. The time of day increases to 14 hours in April. Also, the time of Sunset becomes nearly 09:00 p.m at the end of the month.

Spain in May

From March to April months falls in Spring and also it is good months to go to Spain. These warm months are best to enjoy events and city tours. Day length in May goes to 15 hours in May. The temperature in Spain increases to 65 F to 75 F Maximum and Minimum from 48 F to 50 F in May.

Spain in June

Summer starts in June in Spain and ends in August. These are popular months with international tourists in Spain. Also, these are not budget-friendly months for tourists. Accommodation and flight tickets price become costlier in this time of year. The average temperature in Spain becomes Minimum 60 F and Maximum 81 F. Day length remains 15 hours in June in Spain. You get longest days in June month.

Spain in July

Day length remains 14 to 15 hours in July month in Spain. Beaches are among the most crowded places in Spain this month. The temperature in July is average 65 F to 88 F in Spain.

Spain August

The average temperature in August is Minimum of 63 F to Maximum of 88 F in Spain. Day time decreases to 13 hours at the end of August in Spain.

Spain in September

Autumn starts in Spain from September month. Day length decreases from 13 to 12 hours in September. Average temperature remains from Min. 57 F to Max. 77 F in Spain.

Spain in October

In the month of October, the temperature lowers to a Minimum of 67 F to 47 F in Spain. Also, day length decreases to around 10 and a half hours in October.

Spain in November

Average temperature remains from 41 F Min. to 55 F Max. in November.

Spain in December

Average temperature remains from 35 F Min. to 50 F Max. in November.