32 Top Things To Do In Negril Jamaica

Negril is one of the famous tourist spots in Jamaica which is located on the western side of Jamaica. People enjoy here water sports, white sandy beaches and night parties, rocky cliffs. It is around 80 km. from Sir Donald Sangster International Airport of Montego Bay. Here are the 32 top things to do in Negril Jamaica.

1. Seven Mile Beach

The Sevenmile beach, a name speaks all. It is a very long white sandy beach surrounded by cluster clear blue ocean water. It is one of the best beaches in Jamaica. The beach has lots of options to do different activities. There is a number of hotels and resorts for all types of the crowd like romantic, party-friendly, 5-star resorts available on this long beach. If you are planning to go to Negril this Christmas then do your booking early. You can check hotel price in right side booking.com search box for best deals.

Best hotels near Seven Mile Beach Negril

Sevenmile Beach

When you reach this popular Sevenmile beach, there are many things to do like Snorkeling, Scuba diving, Banana boat ride, Glass bottom boat ride, Jetski, Cruise ride, Parasailing and many more. The Sevenmile beach has all the things to make your day perfect.

There is a number of vendors for these activities so you do not need to make planning before. One thing you can do is to check the price before so you will get an idea during your visit. You can simply walk on the beach and enjoy the view of the blue ocean and do different activities. Also, you can sit back, chill out with cold beer, rum or cocktail and enjoy Jamaican music. You can enjoy fresh seafood on the Sevenmile beach. Grilled lobster, fish, crab are the most popular items in the food menu of the beach.

2.Rick’s Cafe

Rick’s cafe Cliff Jumping @calm4ka Instagram

Another wonderful location of Negril is Rick’s cafe. The cafe mostly crowded with international tourists. It is a bar and restaurant which is famous due to its outstanding location due to the rock cliff. People come here for cliff jumping.

Sunset view from this location is mesmerizing. It is one of the best locations in the World to view Sunset. Rick’s located on the West end of Jamaica which makes a perfect location for beautiful Sunset. If you do not dare to do cliff jumping then get your sit on edge of the wall to watch the amazing sunset, enjoy the drink and live band. Its needs courage to jump from such a height. Also, you can jump from less height as there are the different height of rock cliff at that location. You can watch people jumping from 35 feet high rock cliff and you will forget time by watching them.

Crowd at Rick's cafe Jamaica which is one of the top things to do in Jamaica
Rick’s Cafe

Rick’s cafe was founded in 1974 by Richard Hershman. At that time Negril was famous due to its Sevenmile beach only. It was a small Jamaican village and not a big tourist spot. But the cafe change all the things. It became the second most popular attraction in Negril. The cafe was devasted by Hurricane two times, one in 1988 from Hurricane Gilbert and the second time in 2004 by Hurricane Ivan. Both times the cafe rebuilt and become more popular and biggest ever. Rick’s cafe is around 83km. away from the Sangster International Airport.

Location: W End Rd, Negril, Jamaica
Phone: +1 876-957-0380

3. Scuba Diving in Negril Jamaica

Top things to do in Negril Jamaica

Scuba diving is very popular in Negril Jamaica. Negril has an amazing reef area which is best in Jamaica. here you can learn, dive and watch the marine life. Do not forget to go for diving if you are in Negril. There is a number of diving agencies in Negril so you need not waste time in finding them. Dream team divers, Marine life divers are reputed agencies in Negril for Scuba Diving.

Every morning boat starts around 9 a.m so pick your boat in the early morning. 15 diving sites around Negril are Turtle Drop, Snapper Drop, King Fish Point, Deep Plane, Gallery, Surprise Reef, Shark’s Reef, Sun’s Club, White Sands, Coral Garden, Tug Boat, Spade Fish Reef, Arches, Throne Room, Shallow Plane.

4. Parasailing in Negril Jamaica

Top things to do in Negril Jamaica
Parasailing in Negril Jamaica

While visiting Negril, Parasailing on Jamaican beach is also a wonderful experience. We recommend you to buy tickets online so you will get fix price for your this water sports activity otherwise at the beach many hustlers will come to deal with you by giving you sometime fake promises. So the best way is to buy tickets online before visiting. In this water sports, you will be reached at 800 ft height where you can see the beautiful view of the Jamaican coastline. You can do activity dry or you can take a dip in the ocean while parasailing.

5. Negril Lighthouse – Top things to do in Negril Jamaica

Negril Lighthouse is famous for its breathtaking view of the Carribean coastline from the top. It was built by Bernard & Bernard in 1894 and it is one of the most famous landmarks in Negril. It is maintained by the Port Authority of Jamaica. Guided tour possible with locals with a small amount of money. You can take photographs of surroundings with a view of the lighthouse from the ground. We heard that lighthouse is now closed for renovation. Please comment if you have the latest updates.

6. Stanley’s Deep Sea Fishing

If you bored with the usual water sports and adventure activity then choose this fishing adventure. Stanley’s Deep Sea Fishing is very famous in Negril. They have package like Full day Charter, Half day Charter, 3/4 day Charter and also a custom package available. They also offer scuba diving, snorkeling, sunset cruises. Charter available from 30 USD to 300 USD. If you want some memorable experience then go with it. The online reservation is also available on their website.

7. Mayfield Falls – Top things to do in Negril Jamaica

Jamaica has many beautiful waterfalls but the Mayfield Falls is the nearest one to Negril which is located in Fort Williams Westmoreland Jamaica which is only 45 Km. from Negril. It has small 21 drops of water which are separate from each other. At this falls you can go behind the water of falls and enjoy it. The Mayfield Falls Jamaica is not as beautiful as YS Falls which we believe but you can enjoy more here because you can approach every point of this falls.

You will feel fresh after visiting this beautiful falls which are surrounded by plants and trees. You have to walk through water to reach its starting point. There are also small restaurants in the way which provide Jamaican food. The best part of this falls is nonathletic people also can easily reach to the falls as its difficulty level is not hard.

8. Glass Bottom Boat Tour

Top things to do in Negril Jamaica
Things to do in Negril

This is one of the famous activities in the beach of Negril. You will find many operators who provide this Glass Bottom Boat Tour in which boat has a glass bottom to see through it. You can combine this tour with other tours. In Negril, the charge of this tour starts from 55 USD and you can book it online. Another option is you can deal with operators at Sevenmile beach and Negril Cliff.

9. Bloody Bay

Prominently known as the heart and soul of Negril, Bloody Bay is filled with bewitching white sand beaches and azure blue waters. Laid on the Western Coast, the Bloody bay has all sorts of beach activities. This bay or coastal region is filled with tropical palms and hueful hammocks. Anyone who is going there for leisure time will surely fall in love with this place. 

This location exactly gives you the feeling of tranquil eternal Caribbean Vibes and you can always take a short walk amidst the vibrant buzzing region of Negril. If you want a kickass tranquil noontime, definitely visit Bloody Bay.

10. Booby Cay Island

Nestled off the coastal regions, Booby Cay Island possesses sandy beaches, vibrant environment, excellent marine life, soft sands, coral reefs, and lots more just for you. These are handled and managed by charter boats. You can visit the Booby Cay Island to perform water activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming, and a lot more.

If you adore scenic views if you are photography enthusiasts if you love to watch birds and if you are sunbathers, you must definitely visit here. You can relax amidst the turquoise waters. If you love nonvegetarian food, you must try out lobster or fish barbeque right on the beach. 

11. Negril Cliffs

Explore the Negril Cliffs once in your lifetime. Jamaica captivates its visitors with its pure white sand beaches, green lush foliage surroundings, and clean waters. Time to soak up the sun at Jamaica’s one of the exotic destinations viz Negril Cliffs and lose yourself away from the hustle-bustle of the busy city life. 

Nestled almost 40 feet above the blue sea, the Negril Cliffs provide a charismatic backdrop for the travelers. There are lots of natural panoramic views where you can just jump and click astounding images for your Instagram feed. Pristine beaches, amazing viewpoints, the peaceful aura will make your mood ever cherishing.

12. Barney’s Flower & Hummingbird Garden Jamaica

Are you someone who adores watching colorful plants and vibrant species of birds? Then you must definitely visit the bewitching Barney’s Flower and Hummingbird Garden of Jamaica. The dainty and rejuvenating Barney’s Flower and Hummingbird Garden is home to different species of flowers, birds, and plants. 

It is a green lush and well-maintained tropical dream garden. The garden has several endemic hummingbirds and displays the beauty of Jamaica. It has shady corners to relax and watch birds in tranquil, rich flora and aura in nature’s nutshell. One can get to see Heliconia Wagneriana, the flower of February, and lots more. People with photography craze, or probably photography enthusiasts can go and explore Barney’s Flowers and Hummingbird bewitching garden in Jamaica. 

13. Half Moon Beach

Half Moon Beach nestles almost 20 km from the beguiling Negril. It’s the perfect time to escape from all the impossible hustle and bustle of the city to experience peace on the eternal serene island. Probably, you need a vacation post-quarantine, at Half Moon Beach with your partner or loved-ones. You need no internet and no music here as sea waves and winds have perfect sound. 

Founded in the year 1990 by Andrew Marr and gang, Half Moon Beach is the place never to be missed. It has plenty of beautiful and isolated coral reefs for your private moments. It has great food for food lovers and drinks as well. You can surely perform the finest water activities like snorkeling, boating, and many others. 

14. YS Falls

Imagine getting wandered amidst beautiful green nature and constant pure waterfalls. It feels amazing. Jamaica has one of the finest nature spots viz YS Falls. It is a lavish lush place to explore nature’s beauty, magnificent gardens, and wonderful, hueful flowers. 

You can catch different flowers, scenic beauty, idyllic water activities, exhilarating canopy rides, swimming, and lots more. It is one of the perfect spots to click beautiful images for your Instagram and Facebook story feed. 

15. Kool Runnings Water Park

It’s time to spend your summer holidays at Kool Runnings. Filled with exuberating activities like tubing and waterslides, Kool Runnings is one of the idyllic places to visit with your spouse and family and friends to enjoy the tranquility. Also, guests can enjoy go-karting and paintball activities. 

It is an ideal pastime for kids and adults during warm weather and you can enjoy waterslides and lazy flowing rivulets. It is kind of an enormous resort where you can also stay and spend relaxing and leisure time.

16. Mary Gate of Heaven Catholic Church

Mary Gate of Heaven Catholic Church nestled in the Diocese region of Montego Bay area, is one of the royal and finest churches in Negril.

This area is indeed wonderful and fortunate for weddings and events. However, the person who chooses to marry here has to make a couple of arrangements on his own. But, the experience will be ever-fascinating and the moments you spend here will be unforgettable. 

17. Zipline Canopy Tours

Its ideal time to zoom into the bewitching Jamaican rain forests with ziplines. The zipline or network of zip lines helps you to explore the real beauty or Jamaica from Negril to Montego Bay. 

You can climb into the green lush forest canopy, roam and explore idyllic scenic beauty. You can clip on, click images, and move between platforms built almost 45 feet higher in the treetops. You can explore forests and go on a short nature exploring with zip lines or walks. Also, experience canopy tours and scenic nature walks, respectively. 

18. Blue Hole Mineral Spring

Nestled on an off beaten region of Jamaica, Blue Hole Mineral Spring is one of the most popular travel destinations in Jamaica. This spot remains open until the morning early hours. 

Travelers can dive in or try to climb the ladder with a chilly water surface of 25 feet. Karst Limestone is used for the opening. Karst Limestone is a natural and organic mineral that that filters water and keeps the pool clean. Moreover, the mud around the pool is great for the skin and water has valuable mineral properties. 

19. Roaring River Park and Cave

Want to visit natural and heritage green lush parks? Roaring River Park and cave in Jamaica is just for you. Located at Shrewsbury Estate, Roaring River park is incredibly famous for the gushing and flowing waters of the rivulet. 

This place has the main tourist attraction for the River Cave. Roaring River Park is one of the most intriguing underground caverns along with mineral spring. Here, visitors and travelers can swim and have leisure time. Seek relaxation and tranquility amidst the beautiful and vibrant landscaped gardens. 

20. Reggae Marathon

Are you a fitness freak? Or do you wish to watch a live marathon running event? Then Reggae Marathon is the one destination for you. You can experience tonnes of things there such as good vibes, unbeatable reggae music, enchanting views, and lots more. 

It has different types of events like Run in Paradise, Come for the Medal, Stay for the Vibe. Bring the kids if you have a running family. 10K, the half marathon will be an enjoyable experience and you can enjoy at the casual beachside Negril town. 

21. Royal Palm Reserve

Almost 290 acres of land, Royal Palm Reserve is nestled on the Southern Side of the Great Morass. It is a means of protecting crucial wetlands and nature. It is officially closed and inaccessible to the visitors. However, people prefer to visit here too.

Here, visitors and travelers can catch different types of lush green and tallest trees in the world. They do not have coconuts and the tall palms here give fresh and cool air. The palm trees here are thick so much that they give nutrient-rich elements. Fishing, bird gazing and nature exploring are available here. 

22. Negril Hills Golf Club

Do you wish to get wander in the amid beautifully landscaped gardens? Negril’s bewitching and captivative hilly course is one of the most ideal destinations for you. Enjoy and explore the best of Jamaica as it is the excellent Caribbean Golf Club. 

The Golf Club has the finest tennis court, fascinating clubhouse, pro shop, and lots of more amenities for your ultimate leisure. Elegant and charming Golf Club has enchanting breath-taking views. You can play golf or take a walk amid the tranquil atmosphere. You will surely create unforgettable memories and will return here. 

23. Horseback riding tours

Have you ever dreamt of being on the horse and riding the whole city? Jamaica’s horseback riding tours are some of the most exciting and fascinating horseback riding tours just for you. 

There are ample places in Jamaica where you can actually enjoy the timeless horseback rides n swim. Ride a horse into the warm and calm Caribbean Waves which helps you to explore Jamaica’s beautiful nature spots and sea. You will be able to ride through the 18th Century plantation and natural seashore farms and greenery. Isn’t this amazing?

24. Negril Crafts Market

Are you crazily maniac about art and crafts? You must definitely visit Negril Crafts Market. Situated in the northern region of Plaza de Negril, Negril Crafts market has a wider variety of crafts. 

Nestled in the heart of the bewitching Island’s beach capital, Negril Crafts Market is the perfect place to grab all that you actually need to make your party memorable. You can get lots of here for you such as bracelets, jewelry, a conch shell, bags. If you are a true shopping enthusiast, there are many unique and alluring items for you. You can get great deals if you bargain properly. 

25. Times Square Plaza

Times Square shopping mall or simply known as Times square plaza is a quaint and wonderful mall that provides an excellent shopping environment for travelers. Located on Norman Manley Blvd, Time Square Mall is nearby to several major hotels, small boutique hotels, and important spaces of Negril. 

You can also visit Caribbean cafes to have a delicious Jamaican drink, fresh fruit juices, ice cream, Red Stripe cold beer, and lots more. This plaza is well known and prominent among the locals. Also, Times Square Plaza is recommended by many hotels and they have a motto of Your Satisfaction is our wish. 

26. Jungle Night Club

Do you wish to have fun on an afternoon cruise party that has lots of exciting activities? Indeed, you definitely want these types of things. You can go for snorkeling, experience bewitching sunset at Rick’s Cafe. You can start at Margaritaville and go for the cruise on Negril Coast and spend quality time with friends and loved ones. 

You can stop at coral reefs for snorkeling, where lots of colorful fishes swim and pass through. You can also experience sea turtles, rays and lots more can appear. You can get spectacular sunset views. 

27. Long Bay Beach Park

Nestled along the famous Seven Mile white sand and beach, Long Bay Beach Park is one of the most captivative places one can ever visit in Negril. The beach is covered with green lush trees and pure white sand. This beach is tranquil and very pretty for travelers. 

28. River tubing

Want to enjoy the scenic beauty of Jamaica? River Tubing is just for you. Now it’s the best time to go for river tubing amidst beautiful nature on Jamaica’s Great River to explore Montego Bay and Negril. 

You need to relax and enjoy the sun and beautiful nature. Relaxing and lounging in the sun is one of the most bewitching things. The river tubing takes you to several places from the Jamaican jungle to beautiful Negril areas. 

29. Rhodes Hall Plantation

Rhodes Hall Plantation is indeed an unparalleled region for exciting horseback riding. The plantation has a 550-acre range covering green terrain and greenery. These create unforgettable experiences for all the horseback riders. 

The plantation has an adjoining lake known as Crocodile Lake and it has a wide range of animals like guinea hens, roosters, goats, mongoose, ducks and many more. The Rhodes Hall Plantation has over 70 horses. 

30. Floyd’s Pelican Bar

Also prominent as the coolest bar in the world, Floyd’s Pelican Bar is indeed one of the best places to visit ever. A trip to seductive Jamaica is incomplete without visiting Red Stripe at Floyd’s Pelican Bar. 

No matter where you are staying at Negril, Montego Bay, or the beautiful Ocho Rios, visiting Floyd’s Pelican Bar is worth the visit. Locals adore this place and no other bar in Jamaica is as exciting and fascinating as this one. 

31. Snorkeling in Negril

As discussed earlier, Negril is a place full of beaches, clear azure waters, and white sand. Negril is also the best place for water activities like snorkeling and scuba diving. 

Negril has offshore cliffs and reefs that are perfect for naive divers and snorkeling lovers. One of the noteworthy features is tube sponges clusters. The West End here is the best place for snorkeling. 

32. ATV tours

ATV tours are new to some travelers and wanderers, but they are indeed fascinating. ATV means All Terrain Vehicle is an exciting two hours adventure ride amidst beautiful Jamaica and beautiful areas nearby. 

Ride from Sandy Bay to a lust countryside tour with the help of a local guide. You can get to explore beautiful views, passing farming villages, groves, and lots more things. 

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