Best time to visit Jamaica- Best time to travel to Jamaica in 2023 and 2024

The best time to visit Jamaica is from November 2023 to Mid April 2024. But, why these months are the most suitable to go to jamaica, what is the peak season and off-season in Jamaica and how to do budget travel to Jamaica in 2023 and 2024, Let’s check our full guide which covers all the points like seasons in Jamaica, the best time to visit Negril, festivals events in Jamaica which you will need to make a travel plan to Jamaica. To decide the best time to travel to Jamaica, we have described all the beautiful aspects of Jamaican weather and culture.

Jamaica is one of the most beautiful places in the Carribean. As a result, it attracts a huge number of tourists around the year. Jamaica is an all-round destination as it has a tropical climate. This time of year is also peak season in Jamaica.

Best time to visit Jamaica

Best time to travel to Jamaica
Crowded beach

This Carribean country gets many tourists all around the year but the best months to visit Jamaica are November 2023 to Mid April 2024. At this time of year, the Atmosphere in Jamaica becomes pleasant and travel-friendly. You do not need to worry about Hurricanes because the Hurricane season ends in November starting. Also, another reason is due to festivals and events like Christmas and Easter comes in these months. Many music events are organized between November to Mid April to attract tourists.

But this time of year is not for budget travelers and backpackers who do not want to use more money to travel to Jamaica. your travel expense will rise during your Jamaica travel. From December to Mid April is the peak season in Jamaica.

In the peak season festivals like Christmas and Easter are coming and also schools, colleges have spring break in April. As a result, popular beaches in Jamaica become crowded and famous resorts become full of party going people. So stay away from famous tourist spots in Jamaica at that time and also making your own trip planner to save time and money in advance is highly recommended. Do not take all-inclusive hotels and resorts as Jamaica has many adventure things to do which you can do yourself with a guide.

Where to stay in Jamaica during Peak Season

Why book room by paying in Advance? Check your hotels in the below map and reserve your rooms without pay now.

As in peak season, hotels and accommodation price gets high quickly. So, we recommend you to book your stay in advance. There are many hotels and resorts which have ‘book now and pay later’ option. without credit card details!

Jamaica offseason

Jamaica off-season starts from the month of May and ends in November. It is considered off-season in Jamaica due to its hot atmosphere and hurricane season. But this time of year also gives many advantages to visitors who want to make their travels cheaper and more relaxing. As a result, this is the best season to visit Jamaica on budget.

All summer sale starts in this season and this is the cheapest time to visit Jamaica. That’s why you will get up to 50% discounts in all hotels and resorts in Jamaica. You will get an awesome hotel room with the lowest price. For snorkeling, scuba diving and other water sports activities, you have to pay less. You can do flight bookings to Jamaica at a cheaper rate. There will be no lines at any tourist place.

If you are coming in peak season then you have to wait for your turn at every place like the food at hotels or water sports activities in Jamaica. Think two ideas one is that few people are swimming on the beach and you are relaxing on the beach which looks like a private beach and the other is that you are on the beach fully crowded with tourists and you have to find space to sit on the beach. Which idea do you like? I prefer the first one and these conditions meet with a visit to offseason in Jamaica. You can better understand culture, food and other prospects of life in Jamaica.

Best time to visit Jamaica for Scuba Diving

For scuba diving in Jamaica, the best time to visit Jamaica is Summer months. This time visibility of water you can get up to 35 m. On the other side, in the rainy season, you may get only 10 m visibility in the water. The months of May to September are the best time to visit Jamaica for scuba diving when you will get crystal clear and warm water. Some of the most popular scuba diving locations in Jamaica are Devil’s reef in Ocho Rios, The Throne Room in Negril, Montego Bay, Middle Shoal Reef and Port Royal in Kingston. If you like all water sports activities then check out these best life jackets which you can use anytime when you are in the water.

Jamaica Weather – Best time to travel to Jamaica

The average temperature in Jamaica remains between 80°F to 90°F. This island country gets rain full year with less to more precipitation. Now we take look at different climate conditions in Jamaica.

When is Hurricane season in Jamaica

Jamaica is located on the Hurricane belt of the Atlantic ocean and due to its location, there is more chance of Hurricane here in months from June to November. If you are traveling in peak Hurricane season from August to October then be sure to buy travel insurance so your vacation may not disturb more. If you are traveling during Jamaica off-season then also there are many advantages which I will tell you later in this article.

One more important thing I want to say is that also check live updates of Hurricane warning. You can download the mobile application for live weather conditions is Jamaica. Also, you can check live weather condition here.

Winter in Jamaica

The coolest months to visit Jamaica are December to February in Winter. The temperature remains low near 75°F at this time. It means it feels cool which does not need any type of winter clothes like the sweater, heavy jackets. Bring a thin Jacket with you if you are planning to visit Blue mountain peak which is 2256 meters high from sea level and the highest peak in Jamaica. Another Carribean island country Cuba can be seen from height in clear weather conditions. This time of year gets less rainfall compares to other months so you can enjoy your vacation without worry with less rain and more clear sunny sky. but you will have to pay more while visiting famous tourists spot in Jamaica like Montego Bay, Negril, Kingston, and Ocho Rios.

Summer in Jamaica

Jamaica in summer is very hot considering the other time of year. This time of year the number of tourists in Jamaica is decreasing. If you are planning for a cheap vacation in Jamaica then it the best time to visit Jamaica for you. You will get hotels and flights about half price then peak season. But take some precautions during the visit at this time. Book your travel insurance, check the live weather condition for safe travel. There is more chance of hurricane from August to September.

Spring in Jamaica

From Mid April to May, the temperature in Jamaica starts rising. March is the coolest month in Spring. Spring break in colleges and schools just starts and famous hotels and resorts in Jamaica become party hotspot full of the young crowd at the start of Spring in March and April. The weather of Jamaica becomes windy due to Northern winds The peak season ends after April. Rainfall during this month of the year is around 2 to 4 inches. You can get good deals at that time also for hotels and flights in May. Weather in Negril and Kingston remains friendly for water sports activities like scuba diving and snorkeling.

Autumn in Jamaica

Best time to visit Jamaica

This time of year rainfall rises and the temperature remains the same around 90°F. During past years, during this season more hurricane came in Jamaica. Due to windy weather, you would get a problem with sightseeing. The peak season for tourists starts just after Autumn in Jamaica.

Best time to visit Jamaica for festivals and events

If you are music lovers then you must visit Jamaica. Many music festivals and events organize the whole year in Jamaica. Also, you can taste traditional Jamaican food during festivals in Jamaica. Montego Bay Jerk Festival, Port Royal Seafood Festival, and Portland Jerk Festival are among them. Take look on our monthly guide to get information regarding festivals by month in Jamaica.

Best time to visit Negril Jamaica

The best time to go to Negril may depend on which type of weather you like. In Summer, the weather is very unpredictable. You may see daily rains. Also, Hurricane hits anytime in this season in Jamaica. For music lovers, there are more music festivals in February and March. Many people come here for getting out of the extreme cold in their country in Winter. As they can feel a little cold on this Carribien island in Winter. But you should consider the higher price of hotels and flights at this time of year.

Considering all the weather situations, the best time to visit Negril is March and April as it would less hot and humidity is not so much as Summer. Also, you may get good hotel deals in Negril at this time.

Check our article Top things to do in Negril Jamaica to check the best places to visit in Jamaica.

Best time to visit Kingston Jamaica

Kingston is the capital of Jamaica and you find always find some things to do in Kingston around the year. But the best time to visit Kingston is from December to April. If you are visiting Kingston in July August then check weather conditions before making your travel plan to Kingston. Enjoy your stay in Kingston in good weather and visit tourist spots like Lime Cay, National Gallery of Jamaica, Devon house, Port Royal Jamaica, Bob Marley Museum and many more attractions.

Best time to visit Jamaica by month

Now we will check weather conditions in Jamaica, festivals, and events by month so you can get a clear idea to make your plan to visit Jamaica.

Jamaica in January

January falls in the peak season of tourists. If budget is not a problem then this is one of the best months to visit Jamaica. You can visit Rebel Salute reggae music world-class event which was held on 20 and 21 January 2023 at GRIZZLY’S PLANTATION COVE, ST.ANN, Jamaica. Please note that it has no meat and no alcohol policy which differs from other events. For 2024, the date of the festival is not announced.

Weather in Jamaica in January remains pleasant and warm. The temperature in January goes up to a maximum of 82 F and a minimum of 68 F. The humidity remains around 80%. The average precipitation in Jamaica in January is around 3 inches. Due to less rainfall you can enjoy more outdoor activities. This is the ideal month for snorkeling activity and other water sports activities. Day length in January is around 10 hours in Jamaica in January. You can enjoy cool nights in January months.

Jamaica in February

February is the best month to do outdoor activities. You get long days due to its long day hours in February. The day length in February from 10 to 11 hours in Jamaica. It rises day by day from start to end of February month. February also remains full of international tourists. Parties and music events are at its peak time in February. Weather in Jamaica remains the same as January. The temperature in Jamaica remains the same as January with slightly different in January. The average precipitation in February is 2 and a half-inch in Jamaica.

The Bob Marley’s birthday comes on February 6 and Jamaica celebrates weeklong music events and parties this month. It is always good to be a tourist in Jamaica this month. But you have to grab your hotels in advance due to peak season. Go out and do some activities like biking, horse riding, and hiking. Explore the best waterfalls of Jamaica, visit Rick’s cafe, get sunbath at Jamaican beaches.

Jamaica in March

Weather in Jamaica in March remains good for visiting Jamaica. The temperature in Jamaica remains between 70 to 80 F and precipitation in March is around 1 inch which is very low. Tourists visit Jamaica mostly in March due to Spring break in colleges and schools. That is the reason why March is one of the most crowded months with travelers.

March is the driest month in Jamaica. The day length in March is around 12 hours. Feb 22, Ash Wednesday was a public holiday in Jamaica in 2023 but in 2024, it will come on 14 Feb. This is high season so check all the tips are given in this article before making a Jamaica budget trip.

Jamaica in April

The spring vacation and Easter time. You can understand want we want to tell you. If you visit this time Jamaica then gets ready for the rush of travelers and Jamaican party going youngsters. The hotel and flight tickets go high in April due to vacation time. Go to Jamaica this time if you have a good budget and book tickets in advance.

The temperature in Jamaica goes high to 85 F and the lowest temperature remains around 71 F. Average rain precipitation in April is around 2 inches in Jamaica. At this time day length remains around 12.5 hours in Jamaica

Jamaica in May

The peak season ends in May and Jamaica becomes less crowdy at this time. Precipitation in May is around 4 inches in May. The atmosphere remains humid with temperature ranges from 73 F to 86 F. You can get better deals for accommodation and flights than peak months. The day length increases to 13 hours in May in Jamaica.

Jamaica in June

The first rainy season which starts in May ends in June. The temperature in Jamaica starts rising in June. Temperature ranges from 74 F to 87 F in June and day length remains around 13 hours in June in Jamaica. The average precipitation in June is around 5 inches in Jamaica. Hurricane season starts in June. The Ocho Rios Jazz Festival and Carribean Fashion Week come in June. If you want to visit one of this festival then visit Jamaica in June.

Jamaica in July

The dry season starts in July in Jamaica when average precipitation goes lower to 2 inches in Jamaica. In July month temperature in Jamaica remains from 74 F to 88 F while day length remains the same around 13 hours. Reggae Sumfest is the major event is held in Jamaica in July month. Little Ochi Seafood Carnival is also a small event which you can visit in July. Tourists are very low at this time of year.

Jamaica in August

Hurricane season which starts in June, its intensity increase in August. If you are traveling to Jamaica in August then make sure you take travel insurance in advance to make your travel safe. Day length in August decreases to around 12 and a half hours at the end of August. The average precipitation in August is around 4 inch and temperature ranges from 74F to 88 F in August. Dream Weekend, a week-long and one of Jamaica’s largest music festival come from 2 to 6 August in Negril Jamaica. You can book tickets for the Dream Weekend website.

Jamaica in September

As we told you, the hurricane season at its fullest in August and September. So during travel always check weather updates. For cheap travel, in August and September, you will get the highest discounts on accommodation and flight tickets. Day length in September decreases to 12 hours in Jamaica. The average precipitation is 5 inches in September in Jamaica. The temperature in September ranges from 73 F to 88 F in Jamaica. Tourists remain at its lowest in September so grab the best deals for Jamaica vacation in September.

Jamaica in October

In this month Hurricane intensity decreases and average precipitation in October is 6 to 7 inches. As a result, October is the wettest month in Jamaica. Day length in October is average 11 and a half hours at the end of October month. The temperature remains max. 86 F to min. 73 F in Jamaica in October month. The Port Antonio International Marlin Tournament attracts many tourists which are held in October in Jamaica.

Jamaica in November

The peak season is about to start in Jamaica. November is one of the best months to visit Jamaica as you would find fewer tourists then peak season. Also, the weather in Jamaica in November becomes pleasant as the peak season of Hurricane just ends in November. The average day length in Jamaica decreases to 11 hours in November. You can taste a variety of Jamaican food in the Restaurant week from 15th November to 23rd November in 2019. the average precipitation in November is 4 inches in Jamaica.

November marks the second shoulder season of the year and it is a fantastic time to travel to Jamaica. The hurricane season is coming to an end and the rainy season begins to taper off in this quiet, cooler, and cheaper month. Even as it heads towards winter there are a good 8 hours of sunshine a day with temperatures hovering in the high 70s. Some travelers consider this in-between month to be one of the best times to visit Jamaica.

November is a great time for a getaway before the Christmas crowds arrive. You can take advantage of the duty-free shopping malls and stock up on Christmas gifts ahead of time. The Crafts Market in Montego Bay is a great place to buy handmade souvenirs, or you can head to the Shoppes at Rose Hall for a more mainstream shopping experience.

Jamaica in December

Visit Jamaica in New Year’s time is also a good idea to enjoy your vacation. Visit the Gran market in Jamaica during Christmas time to buy gifts and other things. You may get a Chrismas tree at every street in Jamaica. If you are planning to visit Jamaica in Chrismas 2020 then you should book your flights and Hotels today otherwise it will be late to get the best price for accommodation and flights.

Now you can easily decide the best time to visit Jamaica. Am I right? Check out the Best backpacking list for Europe in the below link. Also, give your comments in the below box for your reviews and suggestions.

Q&A for best time to travel to Jamaica

When is the best time to travel to Jamaica?

The best time to travel to Jamaica is from Mid November to December. During this time weather is best for travel and explore Jamaica.

When is the Cheapest time to visit Jamaica?

The Cheapest time to visit Jamaica is from May to Mid November. Due to Summer and Hurricane season, it becomes less people visit Jamaica in this time.

When is the rainy season in Jamaica?

Jamaica has two rainy seasons. First is from May to June and second is from September to November.

When to travel to Jamaica?

From December to April are the best months to visit Jamaica if budget is not an issue. For budget travelers, May to October are the best months to visit Jamaica.

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