Types of Cab services in London

Travelling By Taxi is the best way to get around in London 

London is a mega city with vast choices of exceptional landmarks and magical beauty spots to visit. This metropolitan is home to many extraordinary sports and entertainment events that happen every year without fail. City exudes with bustling activities and fervour. There is always something happening in this city. As soon as the first ray of sun shine hits the city, public emerge from their residences to start their day and go about their businesses. Whether they are rushing for their offices or going for a run or just popping to their market for shopping, beginning of the day in London is the start of a marathon that goes on till late in the evening. 

Apart from its 9 million population, London attracts over 30 million visitors every year that require huge transportation demand. Trains and buses are not the best choice now a days because of the pandemic that the whole world is facing and social distancing is a must now a days. It is near impossible to practice social distancing. Safe traveling is the new demand of the day and there are not many choices when it comes to safe traveling apart from traveling by either private hire, Cabs or taxis that are a sure way of providing you socially distanced traveling solution. 

According to a census there are over 21000 black cabs operative in London alone and even though this looks like a huge number, it is a tiny amount to cater the visitors and locals of this mammoth city. To fill the void there are several types of cab services that are operating in London area and they cater their demographic according to their requirements and needs. We are about to take a look at the available choices in Cabs. 

Executive and Chauffeur Cab Service

Any ordinary car can take you from point A to point B but if your requirements are different and your expectations to travel to your destination are higher than there is nothing better than choosing executive and chauffeur hire. 

There are numerous advantages of hiring a chauffeured cab service in London. If you are using it for airport transfers than you just book it via internet or phone and sit back and relax. Your chauffeur will monitor your flight and will wait for you at the airport terminal with your name card in his hand. You can greet with anyone you want for as long as you want and then you will be whisked away in style in a luxury car to your destination. If you are going to the airport then again, your flight will be monitored and you will be sent driver’s temperature before hand for your peace of mind.  You would be picked from your doorstep and delivered at airport at secure location nearest to the terminal.

Same is the story if you are hiring them for executive events, day tours, city travel, wedding and parties. Brand new vehicles that are being used are sanitized after each engagement and sanitizers are placed in the vehicle. You get to choose how many passengers you would like to allow in your vehicle and can get your luggage sanitized as well. 

All in all, there is hardly any better choice for cab service in current circumstances that provide complete luxury and security at the same time. 

Public Hire Taxis

Public hire taxis that are more commonly know as Black Cabs or simply Taxi. These vehicles are licensed by a recognized authority such as public carriage office and the biggest advantage for them is that they can be hailed anywhere on the street. Their drivers require to pass extensive knowledge tests and memorize all the major routes and landmarks to get the license. While their convenient is without any question, their health and safety record are questionable.

Mini Cabs Private Hire

Mini cabs are licensed to carry passengers but with a difference, they can not be hailed in the street. You have to book them in advance. Apart from this difference, there is a huge range of size and shapes of vehicles that are available in mini cabs such as hatchbacks, saloons, MPV or even a minibus depending on your requirements. Mini cabs can be booked both for one off use or for recurring work. 

Uber Drivers

Companies such as Uber that rely on online apps and smart phones to book the ride are enjoying a boom and are becoming a major player in London private hire scene. Although there are many pluses such as booking online and minimal fares and online payment etc. but safety of the passenger is compromised because their drivers are not regulated and their sanitization is non-existent.