How Do You Make A Bike Seat More Comfortable

Who needs walking when you have vehicles? Vehicles have many categories like cars, buses, vans, trams, trains, metros, and the most commonly used, bikes. Bikes can either be motorbikes or the normal bikes with the pedals and brakes or so called the bicycle. Why do people love using bikes more? Faster transportation, meaning you can reach your point of destination on time, also it is an in and out vehicle, which gets you through traffic as it doesn’t take that much space while getting through cars or buses. Bikes is the most common means of transportation around the world, as around 460,000 plus trips are made daily around the world. Bikes are cheaper, economical, take less space, but are they comfortable?

Bike Backlash

Bikes are fun to travel on as they get you to place faster and on a lesser fuel average. Bicycles are a leisure activity for children as they enjoy cycling or pedalling in their lanes or in the park. Even the daily newspaperman or the milkman make their deliveries on a bike. But what is the one common complaint we get from regular bike users.

The Bike Bone Effect 

What are the sit bones? The part of your inner thighs connected to your buttocks are called the sit bones and they are the parts that make contact with your bike seat. The bike seats are made of rubber and are covered with a coating that makes your sit bones or the perineum feel discomfort or pressure as you sit longer on the uncomfortable clothing of the bike. What other complaints are there?

Uncomfortable bike seats discomforts the perineum part of your body, even the sit bones

The lower organs of your body, or the reproductive organs of your body given the amount of pressure of your body you are applying or balancing upon a small seat

Despite the seat pain, the prolonged cycling can cause you to be ridden bed sore as your lower body aches

Time To Fix The Seat 

The experience you will get sitting in a car and sitting on a bike will be different, the car will give you the best experience given the comfy seat covers and a wide surface area to sit on. Bike seats are a pain in the butt, which is a given because of the soft slippery seat cover with cut triangular edges. Why sit uncomfortably and ride, when you can make certain adjustments to the seat?

Align & Adjust

Adjust the seat of the bike and align it with the height of your body using the seat toggle below the seat. Align it according to your body specifications to avoid less injuries.


If the seat cover is uncomfortable, why not cover the seat cover itself? You can pad the seat cover with comfortable seat covers made of foam or gel. Also, you can place a cushion on top of your seat to ride comfortably.

Get The Latest Customized Covers

This is mostly for the child bike seat. Children love cycling and they love the latest trends coming out these days, like gel filled seat covers with different designs available online and on the market.