Best things to do in Harrison Hot Springs

Harrison Hot Springs is one of the most popular attractions in British Columbia. This offers a number of activities like biking, hiking, fishing, and other water sports activities. Due to its great atmosphere, it is very popular among families and water sports lovers. 

Nowadays many families and elder couples are attracted to buy a home in Harrison Hot Springs due to its amazing climate, safety, and comfort. The best benefit of living in Harrison Hot Springs is you can enjoy all these natural views all around the year. Check the townhouse presale close to Harrison Hot Springs to get the best deal for your new home in Harrison Hot Springs. You can reach Harrison Hot Springs from Abbotsford International Airport within only 50 minutes car drive. 

Things to do in Harrison Hot Springs

Harrison Visitor Centre and Sasquatch Museum

If you are here in the Harrison Hot Springs first time then this is the place that you should visit in the beginning. You will get the full information on what to do and see in Harrison Springs from the Harrison Visitor Centre. You can see a number of brochures and booklets for tourist information. Sasquatch museum is on the backside of the building. There are lots of videos, photos related to Sasquatch in this little museum. There is also a large Sasquatch feet replica in the museum.


There are many operators that provide boating tours at the Harrison Hot Springs. This is the best activity to do at this place with family and friends. You can hire boats, kayaks, or canoes for the ride in Harrison River and Harrison Lake. If you are in a group then you can take a large boat on rent for the best experience. Most of all operators provide daily passes for the rented boats.

Cruise tour

A cruise tour on Harrison Lake is one of the best fun things to in Harrison Hot Springs. You will get a stunning view of the mountains with the cruise ride on the warm water of Harrison Lake and Harrison River. The cruise will be full of all the leisure facilities. On top outside, there are decks to view all the natural scenery with friends and family. You will feel home away from home with this amazing ride. There are also facilities like washrooms, dining, kitchen area, and BBQ grill on the cruise. You can hire a private boat for the celebration of birthdays, weddings and anniversaries.

Harrison Watersports Waterpark

Harrison Watersports Waterpark is another famous attraction in Harrison Hot Springs. This inflatable waterpark opens from June to September during the Summer months. The Watersports waterpark is located in Harrison Lake. You can enjoy swings, monkey bars, and hamster balls in the park. It is the best place to visit in Harrison Hot Springs with kids. If you are more than 10 years old then the best thing to enjoy in this waterpark is BLOB, an inflatable pillow. So, do not forget to visit this place if you are in Harrison Hot Springs. The day passes are not available in this waterpark due to new guidelines. You have to select slot timing while booking tickets.


There are many hiking trails in Harrison Hot Springs as per difficulty levels. Spring trail, Hikes lake trail, Bear mountain, Sandy Cove, and Campbell lake trail are a few of the popular hiking trails in Harrison Hot Springs. If you are an experienced hiker then Bear mountain and Campbell lake trail are the best hiking routes for you. Beginners can choose the Spring trail and Hikes lake trail. If you have planned to do hiking in this area then go with someone who knows the area for your safety. Check all other safety guidelines and follow them.


Parasailing is one of the most popular adventure sports nowadays. If you are at Harrison Hot Springs then do not miss the opportunity to try this amazing activity. You will get a view of Harrison Lake from 400 feet above the ground. The best benefit of this activity is you do not need experience. Captain and crew will take you to the middle of the lake and from there, one by one visitors will be lifted in Parasailing. If your partner is afraid of parasailing then you can also accompany him or her while parasailing by choosing the two-person ride.

Harrison Hot Springs Resort

Harrison Hot Springs Resort is one of the best places to relax in this area. the resort has five mineral pools. This is the only resort where you can enjoy all these five types of mineral swimming pools. The resort also has a relaxation spa which has various packages as per spa treatments.

Relax on the Sandy Beach

If you have done all the popular activities in Harrison Hot Springs then relaxing on the sandy beach of Harrison Lake is a good idea. If you are going to visit it in Summer then you will find it a bit crowded with tourists. The water of Harrison Lake is cold so remember this thing in mind before taking a dive into the water.

Harrison Lagoon

If you want to swim then this is a good place to swim in Harrison Hot Springs. It is made artificially by separating it from Harrison Lake. The water at this place is warm and shallow so it should be on your list.