It can prove to be a hectic experience moving from Florida to New York City. It being that these are two different states, both of which are located on the East Coast, hence not so far apart, I selected a reliable and experienced Interstate Movers NYC to transport my furniture and other household items. My family and I being adventurous people decided to take to the road by car and share in the whole experience together.  

The whole journey took us approximately twenty hours. We took several detours and made several stops along the way just to enjoy the whole trip even more. We couldn’t help but enjoy the beautiful scenery along the Eastern seaboard. We enjoyed the pleasures of the beautiful beaches, forests and old plantations, mountains and even some major cities and very scenic towns, not to forget the luxuries of the restaurants and stopovers. With all these rare beautiful sites to see along the way, there was no chance for boredom. 

It was very important for my family and me to ensure we don’t get lost in this mountainous and forested route that we decided to take, so an offline map of this route was of major help to us. We also made sure to carry extra gas because on some stretches few rest stops that are also far apart are available. We made sure to have all car documents with us and insisted on having the car in the best possible condition to avoid the unwanted tension of dealing with a broken-down car in the middle of a forested area. 

Budgeting was a vital consideration we had to make to see this journey successful. We had to put into account our priorities and make adjustments to the list of itineraries we had come up with for the whole trip. Some of these factors like gas, toll station, drinks and food, accommodation, and the activities we would take part in with my family had to be given priority. The affordability of the different cities and towns and how much time we wished to spend on each activity, the decision on the sites we needed to see, and which ones were not prioritized. These considerations are important to make sure the budget is reasonable and that everything fits in well. 


This being a long journey, we appreciated the fact that the trip companions we had were fun-loving people and we had so much fun together. Imagine a whole twenty hours road trip with people you are not used to or even worse total strangers. It would be so boring and at the end of it, you would feel wasted not having enjoyed fully the beauties such a road trip holds. We played card games and word games along the way to avoid boredom and even storytelling. We made stops at the museum, took part in boat rides, water sports, and even tours, which made the whole experience worth remembering. It is always wise to choose good travel companions with whom you are sure to have much and the possibility of sharing a room will also help to cut the costs. 

Our movement from Florida to New York was prompted by different factors but most of all, the climate differences. In Florida, the weather is often warm and humid and the area experiences frequent thunderstorms and quite often when it is raining, we experienced lightning hitting the ground. This experience proved to be unsafe for my family and me hence the choice to move to New York. Here, they hardly experience any thunderstorms or hurricanes throughout the year and are considered a safe zone by a good number of meteorologists. Even though NY experiences a lot of snow during the months of winter, we considered it way safer than the thunderstorms in Florida which we could not deal with. 

With these insights of my story on how I moved from Florida to New York, I believe that it will give you good ideas if at any point you decide to take the adventurous road trip and enjoy it with your loved ones to the full experience of it.