Happy Travels: 5 Tips for Maintaining Your Life Goals While Traveling

As a traveler who’s constantly on the move, the main thing you lack is consistency. Unfortunately, consistency is precisely what you need to achieve your life goals. This makes it devilishly easy to end up totally off-course, wondering how you allowed yourself to drop the ball so badly. 

Thankfully, there are strategies you can use to be consistent when everything around you is decidedly inconsistent. The following tips should help:

1. Be flexible

Though you need to be firm in your goals, it’s crucial to be flexible about how you get there. For example, you may have discovered that soy milk is helping you with weight loss. However, your favorite brand isn’t available in most countries. You could spend your time comparing nutritional panels, wondering “is this milk good for weight loss?” Or you could adjust your approach to achieving your weight loss goal. 

You may discover that the yak’s milk in the country you’re visiting is delicious and ethically sourced. So, instead of choking down mediocre soy milk, you could adjust your portions to suit the calorie count and nutrient density. In the process, you can maintain your weight loss while learning about the local culture and cuisine. 

2. Maximize travel time

Whether you hop from place to place every few days or settle in for months at a time, travel always involves some stretches of transit time. Fail to prepare, and those flights, bus rides, train trips, and even taxi rides will equate to lost time. 

By contrast, if you set yourself up with podcasts, books, educational materials, and other relevant resources, you can maximize those stretches of time. For example, if one of your goals is to learn a language while traveling, you could subscribe to travel podcasts, sign up for online courses, and download some easy books in your target language. You’ll then be ready to make the most of even the shortest taxi ride. 

3. Track your progress

It’s easy to drop the ball on something if you’re only holding it in your head. However, if you record all your goals and track your progress, you create a natural imperative to maintain your efforts. Since you probably want to travel light, consider downloading one of the many habit-tracking apps available on the Google and Apple stores. 

4. Make it fun

It’s hard to keep slogging away at a goal when it feels like too much hard work. This is especially true when you’re traveling, and everyone around you is having fun. So, if a goal is truly important to you, find a way to make it fun and easy, at least part of the time. 

For example, if you’re studying a language, you could break up the tough grammar lessons with easy days when you just refresh your grasp on the basics. You could also find fun apps, games, or shows in your target language

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5. Make smart bookings

If fitness is important to you, don’t wing it when you’re traveling. Instead, book accommodation that either has a fitness facility or is close to one. Take a similar approach to every booking. For example, if you know you’ll only work out if you do it first thing in the morning, you may need to avoid 6 am flights. Or, you might need to refer back to tip one and be more flexible with your workout time. After all, early flights often come at the lowest prices.

Keep these tips in mind as you travel, and you’ll have a greater chance of maintaining your life goals while enjoying every moment of your adventure.