7 Things To Love About Living In Los Suenos

Costa Rica is a beautiful country with breathtaking natural endowments including active volcanoes, beautiful ocean, and a wonderful atmosphere. One of the best places for luxury in the country is living in Los Sueños. This beautiful location has various things to make you fall in love with the place for everyone regardless of whether you are on vacation or looking for a retirement location. Below are some of the things you will love about Los Sueños.

Living in Los Sueños

Various natural wonders

Los Sueños enjoys a fair share of some of the country’s endless natural wonders. Living in the midst of this glory of nature right by the ocean offers an opportunity to enjoy amazing views of clear waters with various fish scores. For a different experience, consider horseback riding and exploring the forests. You can also step outside to soak in the wonderful weather and breathing in the fresh air. Your body will enjoy the fresh clean air outdoors while resting on the pool, walking along the beach, or taking a boat on a fishing spree.

For some adrenaline rush, you can take a tour of Vista Los Sueños Adventure Park. There are various activities to enjoy here including:

  • ATV tours
  • Ziplining through the trees
  • Horseback riding by the waterfalls

Wonderful properties

Life in Los Sueños offers a chance to wake up to mesmerizing ocean views every morning. You are treated to perfect views everywhere you turn. Being so close to nature makes you happier and lowers stress levels. You can enjoy luxury living in the Montebello condominiums in the Altamira community above the Marina. These come are 24 units in 4 buildings offering exclusiveness and peaceful living. The gorgeous infinity pools for each building are ideal for taking a deep through crashing waterfalls.

When looking for Montebello condominiums, the options include 2,550 square feet space with 3 bedrooms and a 3-bath floor plan. You can have a condo with custom wood cabinetry and bathroom. The exclusive Altamira community offers privacy when looking out across the resort. You can enjoy private moments relaxing in the cool waters of the available three pools.  Other amenities to look forward to including:

  • Barbecue
  • Daily housekeeping
  • Open concept kitchen
  • Diamond concierge service
  • Floor to ceiling sliding glass door
  • Expansive and covered deck

Luxury amenities – Living in Los Suenos

Los Sueños has wonderful amenities to meet everyone’s needs. This will end your search for finding Luxury beach resorts in Costa Rica. Gold lovers can’t miss the Ted Robinson Jr. designed 18-hole golf course. You will enjoy playing through rain forest surrounded by beautiful views and amazing wildlife. The private beach club offers enjoying a sense of community for poolside dining, family games, and activities, and swim-up bar.

Good weatherLiving in Los Suenos

The Los Sueños offers a summer experience throughout the year because of the tropical climate without winter moments. Regular temperatures here average the mid-80s but cools off at the mid-70s by night. The rainy season is from May to September filled with green vegetation. This period has bright sunny mornings, shows in the afternoon, cool evenings, and rainy nights. Regardless of the weather, there’s plenty to do to enjoy your time.

World-class medical care

Costa Rica has affordable and quality health care with ready access to medical and health care establishments. Living in Los Sueños comes with access to an onsite 24-hour medical clinic with a fulltime pharmacist and well-stocked pharmacy. The clinic coordinates helicopter and ambulance transfers to better private hospitals in San Jose. For special cases, the clinic offers access to specialists including:

  • Nutritionist
  • Psychologist
  • Dermatologist
  • Physiotherapist

Supportive community

The Los Sueños community is supportive and enchanting. This allows dwelling in the luxury environment in an environment with people who are like family. You can always grab morning coffee and bagel at the Dolce Vita and chat with neighbors on the patio. This little restaurant is ideal for breakfast and lunch while mingling with the locals. Some of the delicacies to enjoy here include:

  • Panini
  • Pasta
  • Pizza
  • Antipasti
  • Burgers
  • Pain au chocolat
  • Blueberry muffins

The Parisian outdoor café offers a tropical paradise vibe while admiring the beauty of Costa Rica. The people here are generally friendly and very supportive.

Mind and soul relaxation

Apart from the above features and amenities, Los Sueños is the ideal destination when looking forward to relaxing the mind and soul. There are various opportunities for self-indulgence including relaxing at the spa. The full service available eliminates stress to the core leaving you cleansed and refreshed. This location is the ideal destination to escape the regular hustle and bustle of your neighborhood.

Wrapping up – Living in Los Suenos

Los Sueños is a wonderful destination for a chance to enjoy luxury living in this beautiful country. There is a lot to enjoy here including the beautiful weather, luxury amenities, supportive community, and amazing properties. A reliable agency is just a call away when looking for a condominium for a chance to enjoy exclusive living in this part of Costa Rica.