Things to do in London with Kids – Places to visit in London with kids

Planning a trip with kids is super complicated as you need to give a lot of time in the thought process. Isn’t it? Oh may be! Whether they will like the place or not? Although, when we decide to fly London there are so many places to stopover that it is hard to make our mind on a few destinations. Our guide things to do in London with kids is perfect for your London trip if you are traveling with children.

On the other hand, if we start planning a list for children then it won’t end on any conclusion for sure. Like if you are visiting London during Christmas time then London Christmas Lights shopping is one of the best things to do with kids in London. However, after a lot of research, we have finally come to 6 places that will surely take your kid’s happiness to the next level.


Here are the best fun places to visit in London which should be in your London itinerary if you are with kids.

1. Children’s Garden at Kew Gardens

Things to do in London with kids
Kew Garden London

The moment, we think about Gardens or Park the one thing that comes in mind is a tiny location. But Kew Garden is one of the largest and gardens of London with lots of fun things for every age group of kids. It is among the best gardens in London. If your kids love nature then it’s the best place to visit as there your kids can see the sights that they have never seen related deeply with nature.

At there, they can grow earth, air, sun and water with the help:-

  • Trampolines
  • Water pumps
  • A living bamboos tunnel
  • wormhole’ slides
  • Windflowers hammocks
  • Periscopes

All this fun is covered at 4 m high tree-top walk wrapped around a 200 years old oak. In fact, if your kids are above 3 years of age, then he or she can definitely enjoy it without any doubt. You can take beautiful pictures with your kids here. Due to its popularity and outstanding location, it is one of the most instagrammable places in London. The ticket prices are not that high that you will take stress in any case.

2. Mudchute Park & Farm

It is one of the large urban parks and farms that almost covers 32 acres, which is a lot. There are so many different types of animals that can actually make your kids explore so many new breeds.

There, your kids can explore so many educational activities. It is one of the best places to do a picnic with family and kids on a sunny day.

Moreover, there are no age criteria, as any age group can go there for a new adventure and it is free of cost place.

During your trip, if you feel hungry then do not forget to try bottomless brunch in London. All places are worth to visit during your London tour.

3. Coca-Cola London Eye

Things to do in London with kids
London Eye

It is one of the places that if you are travelling to London then you must go there to please your eyes and to pamper your kids. The view is so breathtaking that your children won’t stop saying Wow with an Open Mouth.

The lights are so beautiful there that your kids will love to go on a tallest Ferris wheel. In fact, if your child is the biggest fan of watching movies, then they have a section of 4d movie that will be a new adventure to explore with your family and kids. Even the tickets are not much expensive of it as you can easily buy it online without any stress and enjoy.

4. London Duck Tours – Things to do in London with kids

It is one the exclusive way to explore London for the first time with your kids and partner. The yellow amphibious WWLL vehicle is one of the true adventures on the streets of London with a complete family. There is an old model gorgeous looking bus on which you cover one of the most eye-catchy landmarks. With a story translation factor in the ongoing bus, you can enhance the knowledge of your beloved kids.

It’s not just the end of this trip, as there are so many things to do like visiting the parliament and Big Ben tower. For sure your kids will get so tired that they will surely sleep at the end of the trip and that gives you a quality time to spend with your love.

5. National Gallery Magic Carpet Storytelling

The moment, your kids will hear the word ‘magical’, their excitement level will automatically reach the height. This is the time to fly away on the magic carpet this summer with your family and kids.

Just jump with your kids, close your eyes and enjoy the magic further with interactive stories by some of the brilliant storytellers. It can mesmerise your kids with their way of telling the story. It‘s not the end here in fact, with special background music that your children will feel that they are actually lending in the magical land.

6. London Transport Museum – Things to do in London with kids

Learn the history of buses, trains, trams and tube carriages, London world-famous transport museum which is a big symbol of change in transportation from the 1800s till the present day.

Enjoy the fascinating Bus rides, Tube simulators Interactive games Just take advantage of all fun-loving things for every school kid. Moreover, don’t take stress for the ticket as it will be in budget so that you can spend some good time with your family.

Don’t think, just pack the luggage

London is one of the most beautiful places in the world that can control anyone’s heart with its beauty. There are so many places to go there that can make your kids have to say WOW. Also, you can explore many beautiful places outside of London by checking these best day trips from London guide.

However, the choice is totally yours where you want to take your offspring’s according to their interest. Moreover, the capital of the UK is the best place to fly with your kids on their holidays.

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An upshot……….

Even while planning for the trip, you can include your children in the planning. Take suggestion from them on which place they actually want to visit and what activities they want to do.

Besides that, today’s generation is super fast so for sure they must have few plans in their mind which can astonish your mind too. On the other side, with one trip, you can actually come close to your kids and know more about their likes and dislikes.

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Enjoy each and every moment of your journey, as it is very beautiful and precious. Do give time to your kids and a loving trip to London is the best way to do this.