8 Must-Know Tips For Travellers At Bangkok Airport

Thailand is one of the best travel destinations in Asia. For planning to visit the amazing city Bangkok, you have to know many things like how to get around, places to visit and where to stay in Bangkok. Bangkok airport is connected with most of the major cities of the world and most of the international tourists arrive here first to visit Thailand. This requires getting some handy tips about how you are to go through the business airport with hordes of other travelers. Well, you can sit back and relax like a boss after reading these must-know tips for travelers at Bangkok Airport.

More than one Bangkok airport

Bangkok has two international airports including Suvarnabhumi Airport and Don Mueang Airport. These serve international flights and low budget domestic flights respectively. The airports are served by a shuttle bus that takes about an hour. But, you need to know the right way to go through the airport to avoid the regular Bangkok traffic which is every traveler’s nightmare.

Transportation in Bangkok-Tips For Travellers At Bangkok Airport

Bangkok- Tips For Travellers At Bangkok Airport

You can take the Airport Rail or a taxi from Suvarnabhumi International Airport. You have to budget for the airport taxi fare including paying the driver 50 baht more as airport fee. Also, keep in mind that the queue can be excruciatingly long even outside peak hours. Alternatively, you can book a taxi transfer service to avoid all that hassle. The best time to visit Thailand is all around the year but as a tourist make your Thailand plan in advance so you can travel in your budget. These 10 days in Thailand is the best guide we found on the internet to plan a budget trip to Thailand.

If you are going to visit Bangkok then check this best area to stay in Bangkok guide to find the best accommodation.

Book airport fast track service

Suvarnabhumi International Airport serves many travellers rushing to get to their destination like you. However, you will have to go through the various airport procedures including immigration and security check. But, you can avoid these by booking Bangkok Airport fast track. This will see you find your way out of the airport without spending time in long queues. The assistant will carry your luggage until you get to your transfer service.

Airport transfer service- Tips For Travellers At Bangkok Airport

Public transport from Bangkok airport doesn’t operate after midnight. Therefore, getting a cab might be the only available option. Luckily, there are various taxi services you can select to take you to your destination. You can find the airport taxi service at Suvarnabhumi Airport Passenger Terminal located on the 1st Floor Gates 4 and 7. Here, you will find your booked taxi. Verify by checking the driver’s name, taxi ID number, and car license plate number. Booking private airport transfer is the best way to get to your destination shortly.

Be street smart – Taxi scams in Bangkok

Taxi scams - Tips For Travellers At Bangkok Airport
Taxi scams in Bangkok

Some travellers have fallen victim to taxi scams in Bangkok. Be prepared to face whatever comes by equipping yourself with local knowledge before having a smooth ride in the colourful cabs. Learn a few phrases and basic words in Thai so you can read the readings for your destination on the cab. Perhaps a friendly local who speaks English can help.

Before sitting down, ask for an approximate price for the journey and bargain for a discount. For a metered taxi, be ready to pay the highway toll fee. When traveling in a group, hire a private car or van to prioritize safety and comfort. Also, this is arguably the easiest way to commute through Bangkok.

Sleeping at the airport

There are various chairs everywhere for taking a nap at Suvarnabhumi International Airport. However, you might find it hard to sleep in these chairs with the crowd buzzing by. Alternatively, you can find some nice and quiet sleeping spots on Floor B. when you have a long layover and sleep is a priority, you can get a private room at Boxtel on Floor B where you can sleep for about 4 hours.

However, there are various nice places where you can sleep near the airport. Despite your spontaneous traveling, you can book a room for your first night in Bangkok. There are various accommodation options where you can catch some sleep or get some wonderful Thai massage. This will help to make you kick away the jet lag from the flight. If you are visiting Bangkok for a few days then 4 days in Bangkok Itinerary is best to plan a trip properly.

Getting a SIM card- Tips For Travellers At Bangkok Airport

Thailand has three mobile phone service providers including True, Dtac, and AIS. You can purchase any SIM card of your choice at the respective counters at the airport. Also, keep in mind that the SIM card might be prepaid for an easy top-up at any FamilyMart or 7-11 establishment across the country. You can as well come with an international SIM card from your home country. This can work in various countries across the world including Thailand to save you the hassle of getting a local SIM.

Where to catch a bite

Food- Tips For Travellers At Bangkok Airport

You might obviously want to catch a bite at Suvarnabhumi International Airport after a long haul flight. Well, you can find something to eat at MiniMart or 7-11. Also, there are a handful of franchise restaurants at various locations. You can as well get a tasty meal at the food court downstairs to take your taste birds on a rollercoaster ride.

Conclusion- Tips For Travellers At Bangkok Airport

You have to brace yourself for the experience at Suvarnabhumi International Airport. Fortunately booking a meet and greet service is a smart choice to avoid the queue you are likely to find at this airport. The meet and greet agent will fast track your experience through the airport until you get to your airport transfer service.