Best Places to visit in Germany

There are several reasons to visit Germany, from its great food and medieval rural communities to enchanted fortress, wonderful towns or cities, festivals, and obviously, the different fun-packed activities all through Oktoberfest, but if you have no idea exactly where to visit and which are best places to visit in Germany to explore then this would be very helpful guide for you. Many travellers ask that which german cities should we visit at the first time? Is Frankfurt worth visiting? Which is cheapest city in Germany? Where to start our Germany trip? You would get answers to some of these questions after reading this post. Happy reading!

Germany is in the top ten of most visited country. There are lots of amazing places to visit in Germany which is in no doubt to offer you an amazing top start off on your journey. Also, many hidden gems in Germany which are worth to visit. Here is a list of the top tourist attractions in Germany.

Brandenburg Gate- Best places to visit in Germany

Brandenburg Gate- Best places to visit in Germany
Brandenburg Gate

This beautiful place is speckled on the Acropolis in Athens and constructed for King Frederick William II in 1791, the colossal stonework Brandenburg Gate in Berlin’s Mitte region was the city’s earliest neoclassical structure. If you are spending one or two days in Berlin then Brandenburg Gate should be in your travel itinerary. It gauges a striking 26 meters in height – as well as the Quadriga, the stunning four-horse chariot that holds the deity of conquest hovering atop, although its six vast pillars on each side of the structure form five remarkable channels: four were utilized by daily traffic, whereas the center was booked for the imperial stagecoaches. Enormous Doric columns also adorn the two buildings at each side of the Gate, once utilized by toll-collectors and protectors. For making your plan to visit Germany in the budget, you can do ticket booking online using yatra offers.

Without a doubt Berlin’s most treasured structure, it’s quite tough to have faith on that the royal structure you watch today was brutally smashed during WWII and was also once a division of the notorious Berlin Wall and, for a few decades, was emblematic of the partition of Berlin into East and West.

Munich: The capital of Bavaria

Munich- Best places to visit in Germany

If you love arts and history then Munich is for you. It is one of the most beautiful towns in Bavaria. There are many Museums, Centuries of Churches and historical buildings in Munich which are worth to visit. Alte Pinakothek, Munich Residenz, Neues Rathaus, BMW Welt, Olympiapark and St Peter’s Church are among the best places to visit in Munich. If you are wondering how to cover all amazing places in a day then check once this one day Munich itinerary which will be very helpful while your Munich travel.

The easiest way to reach Munich is to travel by flight as Munich international airport is well connected with many Europe as well as other international locations. If you are planning a trip to Munich in September then you can visit the famous festival Oktoberfest. There are so many things to do at Oktoberfest Germany.

If you love photography then check this amazing post on instagrammable places in Munich which covers 26 beautiful places to make your Munich trip more memorable.

Cologne Cathedral- Best places to visit in Germany

Cologne Cathedral- Best places to visit in Germany
Cologne Cathedral

The soaring Cologne Cathedral (Kölner Dom) – the Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Mary – is situated on the edges of the Rhine and is without a doubt Cologne’s most striking sight. This masterwork of High Gothic structural design, one of the leading cathedrals in Europe, it was established in 1248 and was the grandest building project of the Middle Ages. If you are spending a weekend in Cologne then the Cathedral should be in your itinerary.

As magnificent as its frontage, its outstanding interior shields a part of 6,166 square meters and swanks up to 56 gigantic pillars. Other places of interest comprise the panoramic scenes from the South Towers, the 12th- and 13th-century tainted glass in the Three Kings Chapel, and the Treasury with its several valuable objects, all of which existed hugely integral after WWII. For some of the top panoramas as over the city and river, mount the 533 steps to the screening platform in the South Tower.

The Black Forest- Best places to visit in Germany

The Black Forest- Best places to visit in Germany
The Black Forest

The gorgeous Black Forest with its shadowy, thickly-forested peaks is one of the sought-after high ground regions in all of Europe. The place is located in the south-western angle of Germany and increasing 160 kilometres from Pforzheim in the north to Waldshut on the High Rhine in the south, it’s a rambler paradise.

The place has its west side where you can find as it slides down steeply to the Rhine, crossed by verdant gorges, even as on the east, it inclines more quietly down to the upper Neckar and Danube gorges.

There are many famous places to see are Germany’s oldest ski area at Todtnau, the wonderful spa services of Baden-Baden. Friedrichsbad and Caracalla are the best spas in Baden-Baden. You can also enjoy the beautiful resort of Bad Liebenzell.

The Ultimate Fairytale Castle: Neuschwanstein

Neuschwanstein- Best places to visit in Germany

The picturesque old town of Füssen, located between the Ammergau and Allgäu Alps and an all the rage alpine resort and winter sports center, is a great bottom from which to travel around nearby Neuschwanstein Castle, one of the coolest castles in Germany.

King Ludwig II of Bavaria constructed this many-towered and earthwork-enclosed daydream stronghold – the idea for Walt Disney’s popular theme park castles that ranges from 1869-86.

A wide range of sightseeing options is provided, with guided trips of the luxurious interior taking in the Throne Room, the Singers’ Hall and some of the country’s most stunning sights. If you are for a few weeks in South Germany then you should also visit these spectacular castles in Southern Germany.

Miniatur Wunderland and the significant Port of Hamburg


The famous Port of Hamburg, the splendid Miniatur Wunderland is one of the world’s biggest model railway, is a beautiful destination that attracts in the same way to the young and old for the same. It boasts with over 12,000 meters of the pathway, this huge scale model comprises parts dedicated to the USA, England, and Scandinavia (along with Hamburg) and includes 890 trains, over 300,000 lights, and in surplus of 200,000 human statistics.

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When we talk to the harbours, just make sure to discover the gigantic Port of Hamburg while you’re there. This site covers up 100 square kilometres, this vast tidal harbour – one of the world’s major cruise vessel terminals, and widely popular as the Gateway to Germany is top discovered by boat. After that, explore the harborside promenade, an exquisite hiker direction, and the Warehouse District with its unremitting lines of tall brick-designed warehouses.