Top Tips for Moving Abroad with Your Dog

If you are standing at the boundless precipice of possibility, patiently waiting to move abroad and start a new chapter of your life, there is no need to leave your faithful companion behind!

In fact, moving dogs abroad is incredibly common, so even if your dog is not so well behaved, there is nothing much to panic about, provided you put the preparation in, of course.

Once you can ensure that your dog is going to be safely moved to your new home, you will have one less stressful scenario to deal with, which can be extremely valuable in a highly strenuous process.

Consult the Vet

When in doubt, ask an expert. Your vet should be able to enlighten you on the best method of looking after your pet before and after the move itself.

Depending on where you plan on moving to, but in the vast majority of cases, you will need to provide evidence of your dog’s medication and vaccination history.

Your vet can help you with this and do not be afraid to ask for some advice at various stages throughout the process.

Finding the Ideal Mover

A great moving company can make all the difference, from pallet shipping to pet transport; it is worth checking out for some help with your relocation needs.

The perfect moving company will likely be one that listens to your individual needs and respects your personal circumstances.

Finding a mover that appreciates an open and transparent dialogue can help you get an understanding of what they are like to work with as a company. Any direct recommendations you can get are worth looking at; just make sure that they can account for your dog!

Checking Out the Destination

Chances are if you are ready to up sticks and move your life abroad, you will already know about the destination country in great detail.

Even so, whether you are an expert on the area or you are planning a random escape, checking out the pet importation laws is essential, as this might determine your ability to take your dog in the first place.

It is worth noting that highly popular relocation destinations such as the United Kingdom, Spain, France, and many others have banned certain breeds of dog, so doing your research before you leave is a must.

Getting Your Dog Ready for the Move

When the big day finally arrives, it may be fairly difficult to say goodbye to your loyal canine, but there is no need to worry too much; they will be waiting for you on the other side!

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There might be a great deal of logistical work involved in making sure that you and your dog arrive at the same time, so developing a timeline and keeping an incredibly close eye on it is immensely important.

If your dog is overly anxious about the move, speaking to your vet about it should be top of the priority list. It might also be worth stocking up on some delicious treats.