Best Places for Shopping in Burlington Iowa

Nestled in the heartland of the Midwest, Burlington, Iowa, isn’t just a picturesque town on the Mississippi River’s bank; it’s also a burgeoning hub for retail enthusiasts and food lovers alike. When it comes to shopping in Burlington, Iowa, the experience is nothing short of eclectic. The town masterfully merges its rich history with a growing retail and culinary culture, making it a haven for both traditional and contemporary shoppers. From big-name retailers that promise the latest trends and gadgets to intimate boutiques that radiate vintage charm and history, shopping in Burlington, Iowa offers a myriad of experiences. And when the shopping spree sparks an appetite, there’s a delectable selection of eateries to satisfy every craving. Whether you’re exploring the shopping districts or refueling at one of the town’s charming eateries, Burlington offers a delightful fusion of retail and culinary exploration.

Beyond the tangible products that one can purchase, the town’s shopping realm is a reflection of its community warm, welcoming, and diverse. Whether you’re hunting for a bespoke piece of jewelry, a comfortable pair of shoes, or fresh produce for a family dinner, this Iowan city promises not just quality and variety but also a unique shopping journey that resonates with its Midwestern charm.

1. Hy-Vee Grocery Store  

Hy-Vee stands as a beacon of reliability and excellence in Burlington. Beyond the expansive aisles of fresh produce and premium cuts of meat, the store has become an integral part of the community. Its bakery is renowned for freshly baked bread and pastries. Meanwhile, the deli serves up gourmet sandwiches and salads, making it a convenient spot for a quick, delicious meal. Add to this the dedicated health market section with organic and health-focused options, and you’ve got a grocery store that truly caters to modern needs.

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2. Big Lots  

Big Lots

Big Lots isn’t just a shopping destination; it’s an adventure. As one of the prominent discount retailers, the store houses an array of items from plush sofas and dining tables to holiday decorations that light up homes. Their inventory is always evolving, ensuring that each visit yields fresh finds. It’s the ideal place for those who love sprucing up their living spaces frequently without burning a hole in their pocket. Moreover, their friendly staff are always on hand, ensuring customers find exactly what they’re looking for.

3. The Furniture Store  

When Burlington residents think about redecorating or refurnishing, The Furniture Store often tops the list. Established with the aim to provide quality over quantity, it boasts of a wide range of furniture designs, from modern minimalistic pieces to classic woodwork. Each piece reflects impeccable craftsmanship and taste. Whether you’re setting up a new home or refurbishing an old one, their diverse collection ensures you find the piece that’s just right.

4. Kohl’s  


Kohl’s in Burlington is synonymous with style and affordability. The store’s layout is spacious, allowing shoppers to browse through sections with ease. One can find the latest in fashion – from chic dresses to comfortable activewear. Their home goods section is equally commendable, with stylish decor pieces and functional kitchen gadgets. The beauty of shopping at Kohl’s lies in the balance between quality and affordability, making it a favorite for many.

5. Marshalls  

Marshalls is a fashion enthusiast’s dream come true. It offers an extensive range of designer brands at prices that are hard to believe. But it’s not just about clothing. The store’s footwear, home goods, and beauty sections are equally enticing. Each visit feels like a treasure hunt, where you never know what branded gem you might stumble upon. The stock is ever-rotating, ensuring fresh options for regular shoppers.

6. Target  

Target is an experience. This retail giant has crafted a shopping atmosphere that’s both enjoyable and efficient. With a selection spanning electronics, fashion, home goods, and more, one can spend hours browsing. Their in-house brands like ‘Threshold’ offer upscale, aesthetic home decor pieces, while ‘Cat & Jack’ is a favorite among parents for stylish yet durable children’s clothing. Furthermore, their dedicated grocery section ensures you can wrap up all your shopping in one go.

7. DICK’S Sporting Goods  

DICK'S Sporting Goods

Athletes and fitness aficionados find solace in DICK’S Sporting Goods. From camping gear to basketball hoops, the store covers a broad spectrum of sports and outdoor activities. Their range of athletic wear, from renowned brands, ensures performance and style go hand in hand. Regular in-store events, demo days, and helpful staff make shopping here more than just a purchase – it’s a holistic sporting experience.

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8. Goodwill Burlington  

Shopping at Goodwill is a blend of sustainability and discovery. With aisles filled with gently-used clothing, accessories, books, and more, it’s the ideal place for those looking for unique finds. Each purchase not only gives items a second life but also supports Goodwill’s mission to empower individuals through education and employment. It’s heartwarming to shop knowing that each dollar spent is contributing to a broader cause.

9. Burlington Commons  

The heart of Burlington’s shopping scene, Burlington Commons offers more than just stores. It’s a culmination of culture, commerce, and community. Specialty shops stand side-by-side with cozy cafes and upscale eateries, making it perfect for a day out. Seasonal events and promotions add to its allure, ensuring that there’s always something new to experience.

10. Holstein’s Variety Store  

Stepping into Holstein’s is like journeying back in time. Reminiscent of classic variety stores, it’s packed with items that trigger nostalgia – from toys that echo simpler times to household items that remind one of grandma’s house. It’s a store that appeals to both the young and the old, making every visit a trip down memory lane.

11. Dolores’ Resale Shop  

Dolores' Resale Shop

Dolores’ is not just a resale shop; it’s a boutique of memories. Each item, be it a vintage dress or an antique piece of jewelry, narrates tales of the past. For those who cherish history and the charm of yesteryears, Dolores’ offers a curated experience unlike any other in Burlington.

12. Dave’s Not Here Smokeshop & Novelties  

Eclectic and intriguing, Dave’s Not Here is a haven for those with a penchant for the unique. Beyond its extensive range of smoking accessories, the store entices with quirky novelties and gifts that are bound to start conversations. It’s a store that effortlessly marries the contemporary with the whimsical.

13. Brown’s Shoe Fit Co Burlington  

Footwear isn’t just about fashion; it’s about comfort, and that’s what Brown’s Shoe Fit Co excels in. Their collection boasts of brands known for comfort and durability. Expert staff, trained in foot anatomy, ensure that each customer walks out with shoes that fit like a dream.

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14. ALDI  

ALDI redefines grocery shopping with its efficient layout and emphasis on quality. Their products, primarily under private labels, promise premium quality without the hefty price tag. The store’s simplicity, from its design to its product range, ensures a hassle-free shopping experience.

15. Beckers Jewelers  

Beckers Jewelers

A shining beacon in Burlington’s jewelry scene, Beckers Jewelers has stood the test of time since 1947. Their collection, ranging from timeless classics to contemporary designs, ensures every piece is a work of art. Whether it’s an engagement ring or a birthday pendant, Beckers promises quality and authenticity.

16. Bickel’s Cycling & Fitness  

For those who equate life with movement, Bickel’s is a sanctuary. With a range of bicycles suited for the casual rider to the professional racer, the store promises quality and performance. Their fitness equipment section, boasting of top brands, ensures that one’s fitness journey is equipped with the best.

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As we delve deeper into the myriad shopping venues of Burlington, it becomes evident that this Iowa town is much more than meets the eye. Its shopping landscape, teeming with both global brands and local gems, offers an immersive experience that caters to diverse tastes and preferences. From the vintage aficionado to the modern trendsetter, shopping in Burlington Iowa, ensures every individual’s retail desires are met. Beyond the products, it’s the sense of community and the city’s commitment to offering varied experiences that make shopping here truly special. As Burlington continues to evolve, its shopping scene remains a testament to its rich heritage and forward-looking spirit.